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(Please note: All your Non-Lync conference participants will use the same passcode whether they dial domestically or internationally.)
If you are an organization or business (large or small) interested in obtaining multiple sets of passcodes to distribute to your associates, please let us know how many sets you would like. There is no limit. Sets consist of your host passcode and a guest passcode. Enter the number of sets of passcodes you would like here.

You will receive reports on the usage of each set of passcodes so you can track expenses.

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1. Your credit card will be charged on a per minute, per person basis, after your conference calls. You will be able to access reports and receipts online.

2. You are also responsible for all passcode usage and will do your best to prevent any unauthorized usage. If you suspect any unauthorized usage, report it to Customer Service immediately at 888-239-3969.

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