Muting a Conference Call

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Muting a Conference Call

Fire sirens, dogs barking, jack hammers — everything including flushing toilets — can infiltrate and ruin a conference call.  That’s why the the “muting” feature is so important.  It’s a feature that is included as part of your service and can be used with a touch of a button.

If you are the host:  Just press *5 (star+5) on your touchtone phone and you will automatically put the conference in “lecture mode,” which means that everyone on the call will be muted, except for those folks who called in using the moderator PIN code.  (Remember, not all conference bridges are the same, so be sure to check ahead of time that the *5 feature works on yours.  If you are using our services, it works.)

If you are a guest:  Just press *6 (star+6) to mute yourself.

The way to reverse those commands is to just repeat them.  You can toggle back and forth.  In other words, a host can reopen and “unmute” the conference call by pressing *5.  But be careful.  Make sure that no one on your conference call has built in background music or announcements when they put their phone on hold.  (Remember, it’s “mute” you want, NOT “hold.”)  So you want to avoid the situation of someone walking away during the call, putting their phone on hold, forcing everyone else in the conference to listen to their music.