24Conference Call Services: Choose the One That Works for You

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24Conference Call Services: Choose the One That Works for You

We have several popular conference call services available to you designed to provide you with the highest quality conferences at most competitive rates.  Here is a quick list of some of your choices:

Operator Managed Service is the “Creme de la Creme” of Phone Conferencing

In the conference call world, operator managed service is considered the Cadillac model.  It provides the highest level of control and professionalism available.  The vast majority of investor relations, legal, and corporate presentation conference calls involve one or more trained operators who screen and organize the call.  There are many optional services that are offered, including getting customized participant reports and providing introductions.

The “creme de la creme” service is what we call “operator dial out” which means your associates don’t have to call into the conference call — we call them!  Picture your conference starting like this, when we place your call for you: “Mr. Smith, this is the operator for the ABC Company conference call you were invited to join.  Mr. Jones and Ms. Brown are standing by for you.  May I patch you into the conference at the present time to get started?”

Needless to say, making that kind of impression could be worth a small fortune, and yet, it only costs a few extra dollars to provide that level of professional service.  You can get details at this webpage.

Pay-as-You Go Provides on Demand Conferencing at Low Rates

“Pay as you go” conference calling is a great option and there are several advantages, including a low 4.9 cent per min/per person rate for toll-free on-demand service.

First, there are no set up fees or monthly minimums, so quite simply, if you don’t use the service, you’re not charged for it.  If you only use it once every two or three months, that’s ok — you’ll only be billed for what you use.

Second, it provides you 24/7 access and there are no reservations.  So again, you don’t have to tell us when you plan on using your service.  You can use your service anytime you want.

Third, you have your choice of both toll free and non-toll free options on a per minute basis.  You only pay for what you use — no more, no less.  It’s a convenient, inexpensive way to take full advantage of the latest phone conference technology while being in complete control of your budget.  It never hurts to have that call-in number and PIN code handy to share with colleagues or prospects when the need arises.  It’s better to get your conference account now and have it ready to go at a moment’s notice versus scrambling at the last minute to accommodate everyone.

Moreever, having a toll-free 800 (or 855, 866, or 877) conference number is the best way to provide convenience and professionalism to your associates and customers. It’s certainly more professional and certainly avoids the awkward situation that would result from forcing someone to pay their own long distance charge to hear what you have to say.

You can get more information by clicking here.

Flat-Fixed Rate Conference Call Plan Offers Unlimited Usage

How about having access to a phone conference bridge and being able to use it as much as you want, anytime you want, for one low flat rate every month?  Not a bad deal.  An amazing 70% of our clients choose flat-fixed rate conferencing because it provides the most convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of phone conferencing.

First, you pay one set fee a month and can use it at anytime.  (For example, 5 lines for only $9 per month.)

Second, you can talk as much and as long as you want without having to worry about how much time you are using.  When we say unlimited, that’s exactly what it is — unlimited. Want to have a phone conference call that lasts 5 hours?  No problem.  Just make sure you pack a lunch (you might want to press the mute button on the phone before you start chewing!)  So it doesn’t matter how long your conference call agenda is, and it doesn’t matter how many people are on the call or how long they talk.  An excellent conferencing solution for those long conference agendas.

Third, there are no long term contracts.  You can use the service on a month to month basis.

Flat-rate conferencing has taken the industry by storm and more and more businesses, large and small, are migrating their conference traffic over to the flat rate model.  It’s a tremendous way to save money while knowing you can conference anytime and from anywhere.  Flat rate plans are also available for web and video conferencing services as well.

Check it out our flat-fixed rate services here.

Free Trial Week Helps Conference Callers Decide

One of our most popular programs is the free trial week we offer new prospects who are shopping for a phone conference service.  It allows you to access our conference bridges and get an actual taste how a conference works and what it sounds like.  With nothing to lose, trying out the service is a great way to get started.  Interesting enough, many of our prospects think of new ways conferencing can help their organizations while trying out our conference calling service for free.

At the end of the week, you can decide if you want to continue as one of our valued customers.  Most of our prospects decide to sign up to receive ongoing service.  It’s very easy to get your free trial week.  Just call 877-254-2424.  We’ll give you your call-in number and PIN codes right over the phone.  Better yet, you have unlimited access to the bridges and can use them as much as you want.  How can you beat that?

Managing Conference Call on Web

As part of our phone conference call service, we provide our customers with a valuable feature that can come in quite handy at times.  It’s called Live Conference Viewer and it enables you to see, in real time, the Caller ID numbers of the participants in your conference call.  So, at any point during your phone conference call, you can see how many people are in your conference, who is coming and going, and their Caller ID number.

Live Conference Viewer also comes with several other control options for the host or moderator and it’s the perfect web interface you may be looking for to supplement your conference call program.  Best of all, there is no charge and you can get this feature included in your flat-rate accounts as well.

This is one of the advantages we bring to the table.  So, if you are looking to manage your conference calls on the web, look no further.  Our service will be just what the doctor ordered.  Take it for a spin around the block and find out how you can add more control and management to your conference calls at no addition cost.