Integrating Conference Speaker Phones with Conference Call Services

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Integrating Conference Speaker Phones with Conference Call Services

We don’t sell conference phones.  We sell conference services and conference bridges.

However, some companies spend a lot of money on conference phones, specifically high end conference telephones that include such features as a speaker phone that enables a number of people to sit around a large conference table and participate in a phone call.  Everyone can hear and everyone can speak in a normal tone with a 360 degree microphone that has a very high sensitivity.  It also includes technology called DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) that reduces background noise and other distractions.

These phones are made by a variety of companies, including such well known companies as Polycom, ClearOne, Plantronics, and Bogen.  These phones can be valuable tools for a quality conference, especially when you want several people in a conference room at a time.

But it’s important to remember that the best conference phone hardware means nothing unless you are being connected by the best conference phone service.  If you have a bad connection, inferior bridging, conference bleeding (that’s when you start to hear people on other conferences on your call) or just plain static, it’s time to get a new phone conference call service.

We’re here for you and you can give us a try anytime.  Let us show you how we can put your conference speaker phones to good use!