5-Way Calling on Phone is Convenient

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5-Way Calling on Phone is Convenient

Looking to find out how to conduct a 5-way call on the phone for your business or organization?

It’s easy.  In fact, we’ve just expanded our service offerings and have begun a new service that includes 5 lines of conferencing (5 people can be on the conference at the same time) with unlimited usage.  That means you can talk as long as you want, anytime you want with business associates, colleagues or family.  There is no per minute pricing.  And you can get that service for $9 per month.

Just click here: Flat Rate for conference calling to get more details and to open an account.  Best of all, the service is open to you 24/7 with no reservations necessary.  And there are no long term contracts either.

You can get the service on a month to month basis.  One of our valued customers ordered several 5 line accounts last week and was thrilled at how much he saved and how convenient it was to have simultaneous conferences.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and get a free trial week and see for yourself.