Court Reporters Can Earn Referral Commissions for Lawyer Conference Calling

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Court Reporters Can Earn Referral Commissions for Lawyer Conference Calling

Are you a court reporter interested in creating a new profit center?  Is your court reporting company open to the idea of having a new revenue stream?  Look no further.

Chances are you will need to arrange a deposition conference call for your clients now and then.  Not only can we handle that for you, but we are happy to share in the profits.  You refer your attorney clients to us, and in turn, we send you a commission.  It’s simple, clean and your clients will love the idea that they don’t have to worry about spending time splitting the deposition conference call costs.  We can do that for you by sending each attorney a separate bill.

So now you can earn more and offer your clients additional services (while we do all the work and billing!)  This is the easiest way to offer your clients additional services, increase your revenue, and have each of the conference call participants receive their own invoice for their portion of the conference call.  It not only simplifies the deposition process, but enables you to concentrate on what you do best — court reporting.  You let us handle the conference call and billing.

After the call, you get paid a commission on your customers who use the service.  You increase your income, your clients save money, and best of all, there are NO hardware or software expenses.  The system is already in place and ready to go.  No long term contracts or set up fees and you can record your conferences for permanent storage.  We understand your needs and offer exceptional sound quality for telephone depositions and lawyer conference calls along with professional operator assistance.  You can call into the conference toll-free, or we can have our operators call the participants for you.  It’s that easy!

Call us at 877-254-2424 and let’s get acquainted.