Conference Bridge Services – Buy, Lease, Rent, or Use

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Conference Bridge Services – Buy, Lease, Rent, or Use

Conference bridge services are available with several options that fit your needs and budget.

We have several conference bridges throughout the United States, including New York City.  Once you set up an account, you are assigned a conference bridge and provided a phone number and passcodes to access it at any time.  The beauty of getting a conference call service is that you avoid all the costs associated with buying and maintaining the actual conference bridge hardware, which can be very expensive.

Our most popular option is flat rate teleconferencing which provides you unlimited usage 24/7 for one low fixed rate a month.  You can host phone conferences at anytime and talk as long as you want.  The passcodes you receive are yours and you don’t need any reservations.  Our next popular option is our Pay-as-You-Go conferencing service that enables you to have 24/7 conferencing based on usage and per minute pricing.  If you don’t use the service, you aren’t charged.

Yes, we do buy and sell and rent conference bridge hardware and equipment, but unless you are an extremely large user, we recommend that you stick with getting the service.  It’s much more inexpensive, convenient and provides you with the future flexibility you’ll want as business conditions change.