Inhouse Conference Hardware vs. Outsourced Conference Service

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Inhouse Conference Hardware vs. Outsourced Conference Service

Outsourcing conference call services is usually much less expensive than buying inhouse conference hardware and bridges.

Mind you, we offer both.  But over the years, we’ve found that more often than not, getting the conference service is the way to go.Just this past week, we had a call from a customer who wanted a new piece of conference hardware to integrate into his phone system.  It wasn’t a big job — only 15 lines — but when he added up the costs and found out it would cost between $8-12,000, not counting the monthly line charges, it was time to take another look at his options.

We presented our flat rate teleconference service to him which costs $60 a month for unlimited usage.  He figured out he could use the service for 200 months (in other words, 16 years!) before he broke even with the new hardware.

The concept of outsourcing your conference services is like buying a time share.  It’s better to share the ownership with others, reduce your costs substantially, and continue enjoying the same view.  With outsourced conferencing services, it’s even better because you get unlimited, reservationless, 24/7 service.  It’s as good as owning all the hardware.  Not only that, but as technology changes you aren’t stuck with obsolete systems — you’re always using the latest and greatest available without additional cost.  So, add up the numbers yourself and see where you stand.

We can help you regardless of which way you want to go.  Give us a call today at 877-254-2424.