Competitive Bidding for Corporate Conference Call Services

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Competitive Bidding for Corporate Conference Call Services

Starting to put your bid package together for your corporate conference call services?  Be sure to include us on your bid list.  Our mailing address:, 504 Morgan Drive, Lewiston, NY  14092.

In the fast changing conferencing world, it’s always good to rebid services every couple of years.  Technology and the playing field is always changing, and chances are, you’ll be able to get better service at a lower price by conference call services bidding.  In fact, because of new technology and billing plans, your specs may not reflect the latest developments.

In other words, your specs may not include some of the biggest advantages you can accrue.  For example, most corporations mistakenly ask for “per minute” pricing on their bid sheets.  That’s fine, but why not solicit fixed rates for unlimited usage as well?  For larger users, the days of per minute pricing are long gone.  Companies converting to flat rate billing have seen dramatic reduction in their conference costs.

So just don’t blow the dust off the old bidding specs.  Do a little homework and write your specs to reflect the latest advances.  That way, you’ll be able to cut costs, improve services and take advantage of the stiff competition that exists in today’s conferencing industry.