Virtual PBX Service a Godsend to Small Business

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Virtual PBX Service a Godsend to Small Business

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Technology and the Internet has changed everything

Why spend thousands of dollars on a PBX system, when you can get the same thing for as little as $9 per month?  Technology has changed everything and today medium to large businesses can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars installing a phone system that organizes phone communications.  Most of the time, businesses and organizations turn to a “PBX” system which stands for “private branch exchange” which links all of the internal phones together on one network, and then, automatically connects those phones to the telephone company’s “public switched telephone network (PSTN)” and outbound trunk lines.

Cut costs 99%!  No hardware necessary to get PBX.

It is a PBX systems which enables incoming callers to hear such instructions as, “Press 2 for a company directory” or “Press 3 for customer service,” etc. With recent advances in telecommunications, you’ll be amazed on how virtual PBX services can be managed online and dramatically reduce up front and ongoing costs for businesses.  In fact, you can get a PBX service that eliminates hardware and trunk lines and can cut costs 99%!  Needless to say, thousands of businesses are converting their hardware intense networks into virtual online services.  Instead of spending $10,000 for a PBX box, you can spend $9 to set one up online.

For a small monthly fee, it is amazing what you can while transforming your business communications, including a toll free number and an unlimited number of incoming calls, routing and message taking.  Here are the features included in a virtual online PBX service:

A toll free number with unlimited incoming minutes.

Ad Tracker

After-hours Greeting / Day & Night Mode

Call Announcement

Call Block

Call Screening

Custom On-Hold Messages


Dedicated Toll-Free Number

Detailed Call Reports

Dial By Name Directory

Do Not Disturb

E-mail Delivery of Voicemail & Faxes

Fax On Demand Mailbox

Extension Greeting Only

Mailbox Extension

Human Customer Support

Instant Account Activation

Instant Call Return

Live Call Forwarding

Live Call Transfer

Message Taking Mailbox Extension

Multiple Mailbox Extensions


No Busy Signals

Online Account Management

Online Message Access

Outbound Call Blast

Personalized Greeting Options

Phone to Web Audio

PhoneMatch™Question & Answer

Mailbox Extension

Telephone/Pager/SMS Notification

Ultimate Caller ID

Virtual Calling Card

Virtual Fax

Virtual PBX Extensions

Web Center

To learn more about how an online vritual PBX service can save your business time and money, click here.