Best Conference Call Service: Phone Conference Checklist to Use When Shopping

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Best Conference Call Service: Phone Conference Checklist to Use When Shopping

If you are looking for the best conference call service, your best bet is to use a checklist of the requirements and criteria you want to use to narrow down your search. Of course, we proudly think we’re the best conference service out there, and if you are reading this, then Google, Bing and Yahoo might think we’re worthy of your consideration as well, since that’s probably how you found us.

Here is a quick checklist of the Top 10 questions you might want to ask when looking for a phone conference call service:

1)  Does a live person answer the phone when you call them?

2)  Does it offer live on-demand customer service?

3)  Does it offer customer testimonials on its website?

4)  Does the conference service provide for both toll free and non-toll free options?

5)  Does it provide for pay-as-you-go plans, as well as fixed and flat rate services?

6)  Does it provide for live operator managed conferences for important meetings?

7)  Does it offer free recording capabilities?

8)  Does it offer high security with 7-digit passcodes?

9)  Does it offer you a video conference service?

10)  Does your service ask me to divulge my private contact list, including my Facebook or LinkedIn contacts?  (If they answer yes, run!)

There are other questions you need ask, but those are the Top 10.  There are free conference services, and if the calls aren’t important to you, that would be your best option since you can’t beat the price.  However, if you are in business or a non-profit organization, you’ll want a more reliable service that allows all the callers to get through without being blocked.  (Some of the carriers block calls into the free services or charge extra fees.  For example, T-Mobile charges a penny a minute for participants who call-into a free conference service.)

We’re ready to serve you and set you up with the best and most affordable plan that meets your particular needs.  Give us a call today at 877-254-2424 or browse the website to see our offerings.  We think you’ll be very pleased.