The Best Phone Conferencing Companies and Services

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The Best Phone Conferencing Companies and Services

The best phone conferencing companies and services are easy to find, though there is no third-party or impartial judge who is going to give you a list of the best phone conferencing services.  Take the lists you may see with a grain of salt because, chances are, the companies paid to get on the list.  And, if you allow us brag a little, we are proud to say that we stand with the best because of high quality technology, responsive customer service and very competitive rates.

The best conferencing services should all meet this criteria:

1)  They are established and have been in business many years.  (We’ve had the same phone number for 35 years.)

2)  They have a solid client base and their customers refer other customers.  (See our testimonials on our homepage.)

3)  They have live people who answer the phone and response to you quickly.  (No automated phone trees here.  Live humans actually pick up the phone and say hello.  And we’re Americans!)

4)  They have the latest technology and have the capacity to handle the traffic in a reliable and dependable way.  They also offer a number of different services to meet budgets and needs.   (Our technology is the best in the business and we offer everything from flat rate conferencing, pay as you go per minute conferencing, local access, toll free and operator assisted conferencing, and more.  See the links on the top of the page.)

5)  They have competitive and fair rates.  (We have some of the conferencing best rates in the business.  In fact, we constantly hear from companies who tell us we’ve been able to cut their traditional conferencing expenses in half.)

Yes, choosing a “best conferencing company” may be totally subjective, and each conference service will tell you they’re the best.  But if you hold your standards high, you’ll be able to sort through the cloud of promotional noise and get hooked up with a conference company that can serve your particular needs very well.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Give us a call at 877-254-2424.