Cost Per Minute Conference Call: Rates For Different Conference Services

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Cost Per Minute Conference Call: Rates For Different Conference Services

Per minute costs and rates for conference calls can vary widely, depending on what kind of conference service you have.

For example: Flat rate and fixed rate services are available for a low flat monthly rate regardless of how many minutes you use.  The service offers unlimited service and you conference whenever you want, however long you want. You can save a small fortune using this service, however, if you don’t use it, you still pay the monthly flat fee.   Also, this is not a toll-free service and users will dial a long distance number.  But there are no long distance charges if your participants call from a cell phone.

The Pay-As-You-Go conference call services are simple and straight forward.  You only pay for the conferencing services you use, AFTER you use them.  You can calculate your costs by simply multiplying your per minute rate for the total number of conference minutes you use.  For example, 10 people on a conference call for 10 minutes equals 100 total conference minutes.  Pay As You Go rates will vary depending on the what service you use.  Using a toll free number for your conference calls will cost slightly more than using a non-toll free number.

The most inexpensive service is called Local Access, or Local Meet Me, which enables you to dial a local number in major cities.  So, if you are in New York City, you can dial a New York City number, and your colleagues in Chicago or Los Angeles can dial local numbers in their respective cities, and you will all end up talking on the same conference bridge.  Even if you don’t live an a major city, using Local Access conferencing is about the cheapest form or conference calling you can use.  (There are free services available, but many times users experience blocked access. If you are a professional or business organization, the reliability of a paid conference service is highly recommended.)

At the top of the conferencing world is Operated managed conference calls.  These are for important calls when you need the services of a professionally trained operator to call each of the participants and place them into the conference bridge.  Corporations use these operator conference call services all the time, particularly with investor relation calls, media calls or crisis updates.

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