Deposition Conference Call Service: Law Firm / Legal Conference

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Deposition Conference Call Service: Law Firm / Legal Conference

Legal phone conference services are rapidly gaining in popularity as a reliable and convenient way to save time and money by enabling both plaintiffs, defendants and courts to communicate more easily.

To set up a legal conference call, or to learn more, you can click here.

Meanwhile, here is quick summary of the kinds of advantages you can expect to see from utilizing this service:

First:  Most of the teleconferences are conducted with professional operator management.  The operators dial-out to each party on the call at a given time and put each party into the conference.  Court reporters can also be on the call as well.  The process is particularly useful when parties are scattered all over the country and not in the same geographic location, thus saving travel expenses.  Many lawyers are opting to just sit at their desks and depose the parties over the phone.  It’s easier, much faster, and the results are the same.

Second:  Another big advantage to using a professional legal conference service is that each party can be billed separately, thus saving one law firm the trouble of allocating expenses among a couple or several different firms.  Quite simply, everyone gets their own separate bill — it’s called “individualized billing.”  The procedure it very simple:  The opposing law firms each set up a conference account.  Once the account is opened, the coordinating law firm informs the service of the time the call will take place.  We will then dial-out and call each participant, or the participants can call into a toll free number themselves.  Either way, the conference service will have an operator organizing the call to make sure all the parties are present. Each law firm is billed separately for its portion of the cost for the deposition conference call.  So it is no longer necessary for one law firm to send another law firm an invoice.  Each law firm is billed, and each law firm pays its own share of the conference expense directly to the conference service.

Third:  While court reporters are on the conference to record the call for future transcript, the calls can also be digitally recorded for download.

Overall, what used to take several hours can now be condensed on a conference call in a fraction of the time.  Better yet, attorneys never have to leave their offices.

While 95% of the legal and deposition conference calls are simply conducted over the phone, there are some larger law firms that have adopted video conferencing as part of their protocols.  In the past, some of these facilities have cost tens of thousands of dollars to install, but with the advances in Internet technology, the costs have been slashed dramatically.  Most laptops and cell phones have built in webcams, and if you don’t have access to one, you can purchase a webcam now for as little as $35.  Today, everyone can easily participate in a video conference just sitting in front of their computer — it’s call desktop conferencing.

There are no set up fees and generally speaking, billing is done on a pay as you go basis.  You only pay for the time on the system you actually use.  This is an ideal method of payment, especially for occasional users.