Pay Per Use Conference Call Service: On-Demand Phone Conferencing

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Pay Per Use Conference Call Service: On-Demand Phone Conferencing

Pay-per-use phone conference call service, also known as pay-as-you-go teleconferencing, is one of the most popular plans used by businesses and non-profits for communication and collaboration.

Here are the top 10 reasons by why pay-per-use conferencing is so attractive when shopping for a conference service:

1)  There are no set-up fees.

2)  You can have your first conference call today.

3)  There are no monthly minimums.

4)  There are no long term contracts.  You can stop using the service at any time.

5)  You are only billed for the time you use, when you use it.

6)  You are only billed AFTER your call.

7)  You have your choice of both toll free and non-toll free access.

8)  You get free features and options like music-on-hold and auto-hang up.

9)  There are no reservations and can use it on-demand 24/7.

10)  There is no need to purchase any hardware or software.

Beyond that, you will have access to the highest quality conferencing and technology available.  If you are looking for a reliable phone conference call service, pay-per-use is definitely worth considering.  While there are many other plans and formats, the fact remains, you really can’t go wrong with a pay-per-use program.  Both big and small players utilize it as staple in their communications services and its value is unsurpassed in saving organizations thousands of dollars in travel and meeting costs.

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