Teleconference Service: Audio Phone Conference Calling

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Teleconference Service: Audio Phone Conference Calling

We offer a wide range of teleconference services for business, non-profits and individuals who want to use audio phone conferencing to collaborate and share information.  Teleconferencing is the most popular and least expensive method to get a number of people together to discuss important issues and projects.  It’s also the easiest way to conduct a conference, especially if your parties are in scattered locations.

On the right side of this webpage, you’ll see a number of teleconferencing service and options to choose from — everything from Pay-As-You-Go (Pay-Per-Use) per minute plans to Unlimited Flat and Fixed-Rate plans.  We also offer you top of the line Operator Conference Calls and Legal Conference Call services.

Most of the time you can save by outsourcing your conference call service

Generally speaking, it is less expensive to outsource teleconference services than it is to install your own conference bridge hardware, software and phone lines.  Unless you are a very heavy user and have the in-house staff to maintain your own system, it is advisable to outsource.  Lately, even in-house systems have been seeing less popularity because management is determining that it is more cost effective to focus on core business issues and priorities rather than spending time and money making conferencing a supplementary business within the business.  Outsourcing teleconferencing allows staff people to concentrate on more important issues.

Each service has it’s advantages.  Here are some examples: Most businesses, large and small, prefer to have a toll free number to access their conference bridge and pay for conferencing on a per minute basis.  (10 people on the conference for 20 minutes equals 200 minutes.)  Businesses are provided the data that shows the time of each conference and the number of participants.  Businesses can get an unlimited number of passcodes to have an unlimited number of conferences going on simultaneously.   Conferences are reservationless and can be accessed on demand, 24/7.

Unlimited conferencing for one low monthly rate

Another conference service that has a large share of users offers unlimited conferencing for one low fixed monthly rate.  It is offered on a month-to-month basis with no long term contract, and you can talk as long as you want.  There is no limit and your price is fixed.  What’s the catch?  Actually, the only thing that makes it different from other conferencing services is that is does not offer a toll free number — participants dial a regular long distance number to access the conference bridge.  Considering that most people and businesses have long distance costs bundled with their local service and/or they call from cell phones which offer free long distance to begin with, you can see why many organizations, particularly non-profit groups have cut their conferencing expenses substantially by converting to fixed rate service. There are many other plans that may better suit your purposes and budgets.

Our job is to make sure that you get the right plan and maintain your access to the highest quality teleconference service in the industry.  So far, our growing clientele and our reputation have helped us lead the way in a very competitive business.  We hope you give us a chance to prove that our conference services can meet your specific needs.  Call us today at 877-254-2424.