Video Conference: How to Video Conference with Your Webcam

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Video Conference: How to Video Conference with Your Webcam

Getting a video conference service for your office or organization is easy and inexpensive.  Click here to go directly to our video conference page for details and pricing.

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on sophisticated equipment, when your desktop webcam will perform just as well.  Moreover, there is no need for any software.  With our Start-Video service you can be up and running in minutes and none of your participants will have to download or install any software on their computers.  The entire process is fast and simple.

Here are some of the advantages of getting a professional video conferencing service:

1)  No start up costs and easy set up.

2)  No hardware or software to purchase or maintain.

3)  Pay on a per-use basis, or get unlimited usage month-to-month.

4)  Immediate 24/7 access with no reservations required.

5)  Full-duplex video conference, file sharing, screen sharing, white board, instant messaging, and recording capabilities.

6)  Configure screen format anyway you want to meet your needs.

7)  Easy to use and broadly accepted Flash interface.

8)  Use built in VOIP audio or your regular conference call service.

9)  Windows and/or Mac compatible.

10)  Upload Microsoft Office documents and/or video files.  One of the most popular features is called “screen sharing” that will enable you to have your participants see what is on your computer screen.  So, whatever you’re seeing on your monitor, they are seeing on their monitor.  You could be looking at anything — a website, video, slide show, or document.  As you advance your presentation, they will be able to keep right up with you.  You can also use a pointer to show them exactly what to look at.

Because video conferencing has become so affordable, and because the technology has brought it to your desktop or laptop, or even iPad and iPhone, you’ll see more and more applications for it in business, non-profits and even family use.  Yes, there are free services such as Skype and Yahoo that offer video on a one-to-one basis, but if you are interested in having a few people on your video conference call, you’ll need a paid service like the one we offer.

Want to see Start-Video in action?  Call us at 877-254-2424 for a free demo and experience all the advantages of a video conference for your associates, customers or prospects.  With the advances in video technology, and with the prices going down, you can assume that you’ll be seeing, and using, video conferencing more and more.