Conference Calling Without Entering Passcodes or PIN Codes

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Conference Calling Without Entering Passcodes or PIN Codes

It’s not always necessary to enter a passcode to get into a conference call.  In fact, our Direct Dial service allows you and your participants immediate access to the conference bridge without the need to enter passcodes.  Nothing can be more convenient and your conference guests don’t have to remember the codes.  They just dial the number and you’re in!

Direct Dial conferencing is billed at our everyday-low rates, plus a $35 per month fee to provide you with your own unique dial-in number.  So for example, you can get unlimited usage with our Direct Dial flat rate service for 10 lines for $19 per month.  If you want to include Direct Dial with that, the cost would be an additional $35 per month.

In summary, for $55 per month you can get a conference bridge service that will give you unlimited usage for 10 people with no passwords or passcodes required.  Want a toll free number for everyone?  No problem!  Our pay-as-you-go toll free rate is just 4.9 cents per minute, per person, and you can enjoy the same Direct Dial, no passcode required, service anytime 24/7.

Give us a call and let us help you design a program that best suits your conferencing needs.  Chances are, we can not only improve the quality of your service, but save you time and money as well.