Conference Call Service for Small Business

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Conference Call Service for Small Business

Conference calling for small businesses is rapidly growing in popularity for several reasons, not the least of which is the growing mobility of small business owners and managers.

With everyone within reach of a cell or smartphone, conferencing calling enables small business colleagues, associates and collaborators to meet wherever they are to discuss the latest business. Small business operators have several choices of audio conferencing services that are both convenient and cost effective.  Business owners and managers should choose a conferencing service based on three factors:  Reliability, customer service and affordable rates.

Here are the top two (based on the number of users) conferencing formats that small businesses use to conduct their conference calling:

Unlimited Flat Rate Conference service:  This provides untimed service, so you can use it whenever and as long as you want, paying just a monthly fixed rate. Obviously, flat rate service has tremendous advantages regarding cost savings and that’s why it is so popular.  However, the downside is that it is NOT toll free, and conference participants must dial a long distance number to access the conference service.  For many, that isn’t an issue, since they get free long distance on their cell phones or bundled with their local service.

Pay As You Go Conference service:  This conference service bills you for what you use when you use it — no more or less.  It’s perfect for small businesses that have sporadic and unpredictable conferencing needs and don’t to commit to a certain number of minutes every month.  The rates are extremely affordable and can save small business owners a substantial sum over what they would normally pay the brand name providers.

Most of the new jobs in the future will be created by the entrepreneurial visions that fuel small business and the nation.  Because small business is more flexible and nimble in the marketplace, and owners can make decisions with being fettered by bureaucratic committees, the idea of adding conference calling to the small business culture is, as they say, a “slam dunk.”

Small business conferencing calling is probably the easiest and most effective way to improve productivity by immediately cutting down on physical face-to-face meetings which can drain the life blood out of small organizations.  Conference calls for retail, manufacturing, non-profit, or professional offices such as engineering, legal, consultancies, or medical offices, have proven to be the gold standard when it comes to moving projects forward.

If you aren’t conferencing, you’re not communicating, and if you aren’t communicating, your small business is at a standstill.

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