Conference Calls for Political Campaigns, Candidates and Elections

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Conference Calls for Political Campaigns, Candidates and Elections

Conference calling service for political campaigns is becoming a key tool for candidates and campaign staff who rely upon instant and collaborative communication between all campaign groups and divisions.  Candidates, campaign managers and staff, have a several preferred options when it comes to choosing a conference call plan.  You can mix and match and get a combination of all them too!  And using a professional service is much better than trying to daisy chain a bunch of 3-way calls.

Moreover, there are no set-up costs and no need to buy expensive conference hardware or equipment.

1)  Flat rate conferencing gives you unlimited usage and is available 24/7.  This enables your campaign to have ready access to a conference bridge at any time, without reservations, with unlimited usage since calls are not timed.  You can see the rates for our Flat/Fixed rate plans here, or by clicking on the link at the top of this page.  There is also another added advantage of Flat Rate — it gives you the ability to create a convenient “squawk box” and have several locations tied into each other while on speaker phone.  This gives you an “ear” at all locations to monitor activity and best marshal your resources.  You can get several separate accounts so you can have several conference calls simultaneously.

2)  Operator managed conference calling can be utilized by having our professional trained operators “dial out” to your conference participants.  For example, say you needed a conference call with your top 10 trusted advisors.  You simply give us the names, phone numbers, and when you want us to call them.  At the designated time, our operators will dial out to each one of them and place them into the conference call, including introducing them if you desire.  This can be a very effective and professional approach for your campaign conference calls and is very convenient since participants in your call don’t have to remember to dial-in at a certain time.  In other words, they don’t call us, we call them.  They just have to answer their phone and be placed into the conference to begin your interactive conversation with everyone.

3)  Per minute conferencing is also available with a toll free call in number, or a local number (in 84 cities), or a non-toll free number.  This is a pay-as-you-go plan and you are only charged for what you use, when you use it.  You can have anywhere from 3 people to several hundred people on a call at once.  The advantage of this service is that you can have multiple passcodes — say, a separate passcode for each of your campaign leaders — and you can have several conferences going on at the same time.  You can also get reports on who was conferencing and for how long.  This gives your campaign more control and flexibility.

If you are interested in having thousands of voters on a conference call at the same time, we highly recommend Town Hall Teleconferencing.  It is an extremely effective communications tool and has resulted in victories in tight races.  It is the only way you can talk to 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 people all at once, and it is drastically less expensive than sending out postcards inviting people to meetings in which only a few show up.  Town Hall Teleconferencing is the future of virtual meetings on a mass scale.)

Overall, political conference calling is becoming a key element in successfully managed campaigns.  Whether it’s for internal communication among staff, a special conference with VIP supporters, a fundraising appeal, or a news conference, candidates are finding that utilizing a professional conference call service is convenient, fast, and inexpensive yet effective way to keep the lines of communication open.