How Does a Sub-Conference Work?

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How Does a Sub-Conference Work?

Conducting a “sub-conference” is a little known feature that enables you to have a smaller group meet privately within a larger audio conference. For example, say you have 20 people on your conference call.  And say that 5 of those people are part of a committee that needs to discuss an issue privately, away from the main conference call.  The people on that 5-person committee can press *93 (star, 93)and will be immediately taken out of the main conference and placed in a separate and private conference — or “sub-conference.”

There are several things you should know about sub-conferences:

1)  If you want to keep your sub-conference private, you’ll need to make sure ahead of time that only those who are invited to participate in the sub-conference know about the *93 code they press.  Otherwise, everyone in your conference can press it and get into the private sub-conference.  So make arrangements ahead of time, and when the time comes, you can announce something like, “Will everyone who is part of the special committee, please press the passcode we have previously given you to enter the sub-conference.”

2)  When sub-conference participants want to exit the sub conference and rejoin the main conference, they just need to press *93 again to be placed back in the main conference.

3)  This feature is only available on our larger Spectel conference bridge, so when you order, please make sure you mention this feature so we can provide you the correct bridge.

4)  A sub-conference ends when the last participant exits the sub-conference. There is no additional fees or costs associated with having this feature, and if having a sub-conference is something that can help your discussions and collaborative efforts, then by all means, be sure to take advantage of this technology.