Keurig Leaking and Splashing While Using Reusable Coffee Filter?

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Keurig Leaking and Splashing While Using Reusable Coffee Filter?

Here in our office we enjoy using the Keurig machine to make fresh coffee.  And we use the reusable coffee filter so we can put in our own blend of coffee.

However, the process was getting messy because the coffee was going anywhere but the cup — it was splashing and leaking off to the side.  Getting our coffee fix was turning into a mini-nightmare.  The fix was simple and can accomplished in less than a few seconds.

How to fix the leaking Keurig:

When you lift the handle on the Keurig to put your coffee filter in, you’ll notice a needle on the top (it’s sharp, so be careful) that shoots the water from the canister to your coffee filter.  Surrounding that needle is a small rubber O-ring that you can move up and down.

To stop the leaking, just move the rubber ring DOWN as far you can, and then close the Keurig like you normally would.  When the ring is placed lower on the needle, it creates a much better seal against the coffee filter to prevent leaks and splashes. That’s it!

Unfortunately, you have to do it every time you make coffee.  But once you know what you’re doing, it only takes a second of your time to make the rubber ring adjustment and you won’t have to spend any time cleaning up the mess or standing there holding you coffee cup against the spout while you’re making coffee.

We hope this little office tip helps.  Meanwhile, if you ever need a conference call service, keep us in mind.  In fact, you can give us a call at 877-254-2424, with your coffee in hand, to let us know how we can help.