Multi-line Conference Call Service for Multiple Parties

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Multi-line Conference Call Service for Multiple Parties

Setting up a multi-line conference is easy, especially if you use one of our services that enable you to host any number of guests to your conference call.  This is how it works:  Everyone simply dials a conference number and is asked to put in a seven-digit passcode, followed by the # sign.  Actually, you will get two passcodes — one for the host(s) to use, and one for your guests.  That’s it!

As soon as people enter the conference they can start talking to each other, unless of course, you set up your account with “music on hold” which means that your guests will be listening to music until you (or someone) dials in with the host passcode. It doesn’t cost anything to set up your new conference account to get your dial-in number and your passcodes, that you can use at anytime.  Your account is “reservationless” which means it is open 24/7 and you don’t need any reservations to use the conference service.

How much does a multi-line conference cost?  There are a number of plans that can fit any budget.  For example, with the Pay-As-You-Go plan you are charged after your call, and your cost is based on a per-minute rate, per person.  10 people on the conference for 10 minutes would equal 100 minutes.  You would then multiple 100 minutes by your per minute rate which can vary from 2.9 to 5.9 cents, depending on your preferences — for instance, having a toll free dial in number versus a non-toll free number.

You can click here for more details and to set up a Pay-as-You-Go conference service within minutes.  Another option is to get a Flat Rate account that provides you unlimited usage for a fixed rate every month.  You can have everyone dial a non-toll free number and talk as long as you want.  This is a popular service because cell phones offer their users free long distance, so there is no extra cost to dialing a non-toll free number.  Many people have long distance bundled with their local service as well.

If you are having an important conference call for business, you may want to consider the Operator Conference Call service that provides the highest level of convenience and professionalism.  Our operators dial out to your guests so the only thing they have to do is answer the phone.  Yes, it costs more, but if your call is a high profile sales call, a report to investors, a legal call, or any other type of critically important conference, you’ll want to consider using our operators.  Check out Operator Conference at the top of this page.

Meanwhile, we stand ready to serve you with the top rated customer service department in the industry.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and let us know how we can help.