How to Make and Have a Conference Call

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How to Make and Have a Conference Call

There are many ways to make and have a conference call.

If the purpose of your call is for business or non-profit work, then you may want to consider our professional services that provide privacy, functionality and reliability.  Set up is easy and there is no cost to set up an account.

You can get a flat rate teleconference service which gives you unlimited usage, or pay as you go on a per minute basis.

Pay as you go plans are great for occasional users since you only get billed for what you use, when you use it.  The most important decision you need to make involves the choice between having a toll free conference number to access the conference bridge, or just a regular long distance number you can call, which is a little less expensive.

Conference call-in number and passcodes are emailed to you

Once you sign up for your conference call account, usually online or over the phone, you will be emailed your call-in number and passcodes.  You’ll get one passcode for the host or moderator of the conference call, and another for the guests or participants.  Everyone calls the same number, and puts in their respective codes.  More than one person can call in on the moderator code.  The moderator(s) will have a set of controls they can use to perform several functions, including muting all the participants so only the moderators can be heard and the background noise is eliminating.

The next step is to invite everyone by calling or emailing them the coordinates of the meeting — the time, the call in number to use, and the passcodes to use.  If you are having a web conference or video conference, your participants will also need the web address to log into.  Please remember, conferences are like dentist appointments — people have a tendency to forget about showing up.  So, it is important to send a stream of reminders.

On the high end of conferencing is an operator assisted call.  Participants don’t do anything except answer their own phone when a professional operator calls them and places them into a conference.  Very convenient, very professional, and gives a good impression, especially for business calls.

Good idea to tell people to mute their lines

Also, it’s a good idea to remind participants to call from a quiet place without distracting background noise, and to use the mute button when coughing or sneezing.  One person’s sneeze can be heard by dozens of people.  Also, make sure that everyone is reminded to NOT press their Hold button if their phone automatically plays music on hold.  Tell them to press Mute instead because you don’t want their music to be interrupting or ruining your whole conference.

As the host of the call, we will also give you a free feature called Live Conference Viewer or Event Manager that enables you to monitor the call online.  So you will have the ability to mute individual lines.  In a situation like that, where someone has distracting noises or has accidentally starting playing music, you can mute them from your web controls.

Calling from a regular land line phone is also helpful, since many of today’s conference bridges are challenged to merge the analog and Internet phone technologies.  A bad cell phone connection can make a conference call more difficult as well.    Otherwise, stay focused on your topic, speak slowly and clearly, and try to keep your call brief.  That will insure a successful call.

Give us a call anytime at 877-254-2424 and we’ll do our best to help take the best advantage from your conferencing services.