New York City (NYC) Conference Call Services

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New York City (NYC) Conference Call Services

If you are interested in getting a local NYC conference call bridge and number, you can get more details and sign up information here.

Getting a conference call service that provides a 646 call in number located in New York City satisfies a number of potential issues and certainly provides many advantages. If you are a business or non-profit located in the Big Apple, this could be an ideal solution to your conferencing needs.

First, if most of your conference participants are calling from the greater New York City area, they can dial a local number to get into the conference call.  This avoids any long distance charges they may otherwise incur by using a call in number located in another state.  Most of the commercial conference bridges are located elsewhere in the U.S.

Second, a local NYC number provides a tremendous convenience for your participants because it is easier to remember.

Third, you can use the service for an amazingly low rate for 2.9 cents per minute, per person — far below what you are probably currently paying for conference service.  If you are a New York City (NYC) business or organization that is looking to cut travel and meeting costs, and are open to the idea of having more of your meetings over the phone to save time, this could be your answer.  Not only that, but your conference participants (also known as conferees or guests) have the good fortune of avoiding long distance fees, and in effect, dialing a “toll free” number (because it’s local) that saves you from being billed per minute charges.  You won’t need an 800 conference call service, because you and your NYC area participants are dialing local anyway.  Of course, if you have people outside of the New York City area who are dialing in, they can dial the 646 number as well.  Or they can dial any one of the dozens of other local numbers across the U.S. and Canada we offer and use the same passcodes and enter the same conference.

All in all, being located in the Big Apple and having a local 646 dial in number for conferences is convenient, cost effective, and presents a very professional image.  It’s something you need to take a look at if you are interested in controlling costs and providing an easier way for your associates and colleagues to communicate and collaborate. For more information on New York City (NYC) conference call services, and for flat rate 646 teleconferencing, you can call us at 877-254-2424 or click here.