Operator Conference Call: Professionally Organized Phone Conferencing

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Operator Conference Call: Professionally Organized Phone Conferencing

For more information on operator conference calls, you can call us at 877-254-2424 or click our service page here.  Meanwhile, here are the primary ways operator conference calls can be organized:

1) Operator Managed Dial-Out Conference:  This is when operators call the participants directly and then put them into the conference call. Participants don’t have to do anything except answer the phone. This is a tremendous benefit since many guests to your conference might simply forget to call in themselves, or get sidetracked doing something else. Operators can locate your individual participants by phone, introduce themselves and ask if they are ready to be included in the phone conference.

2) Operator Managed Dial-In Conference:  This is when participants call in to the conference themselves and are greeted by an operator. Most of them time they will call a toll free number, depending on your preference. Operators can obtain any information you want from each caller (i.e. name, location, phone number) and place them into the call.

3) Operator Assisted Q & A:  This is when a portion of your conference is set aside for questions and answers, most likely, following a presentation.  Generally speaking, your call will be set on lecture mode which will mute all the callers, except those making a presentation.  Participants who have questions, punch a number on their keypad and are directed to a private conversation with the operator, who can queue them and enable them to ask their questions, one at a time. Needless to say, depending on the exact service you want, there is some preparation work involved.  Obviously, if operators will be dialing out for you, you’ll need to get a list to them of the names and numbers to call, and the time you want your conference to start.

Advantages of having a professional operator manage and assist your conference call

If your future hinges on an important contract or a major breakthrough that requires a conference call, make sure an operator is on your call.  Having a professional operator on your conference call will provide you the highest level of convenience and organization.  This is the “creme da la creme” of conferencing services.  Most business conference calls are “unattended” which means no operator is present.  And that works fine for routine and spur of the moment calls.  However, on important high profile conference calls such as investor relations calls, board of director meetings, critical customer presentations, and other important business, having an operator will insure that your conference call goes smoothly, not to mention impressing those on the call that you take the topic being discussed very seriously.

Trained operators can also greet your conference participants and placing them into your conference can mean a world of difference.  Even very small businesses can look huge when utilizing a professional operator conference call service.

Conference operators can collect data and introduce guests into the conference

Operators can be available to perform any number of functions that you require.  For example, let’s say that you have an open conference that anyone can call into.  More specifically, let’s say you have an investor relations conference and are reporting earnings.  You might have special number set up with your conference company that members of the press can call.  Operators can obtain the names of the reporters and the publications they represent, along with phone numbers, and provide that report to you at the end of the conference.  Operators can also introduce each participant to the everyone as they are being added to the conference.  They can also take polls and organize recordings for future downloads and access.

Operator conference calls cost more, but in the end, many businesses think the extra expense is well worth it.  Your business is presented in the best light, your customers and prospects know they are dealing with a serious organization that is set up to accommodate their needs, and that you value customer service and personal attention to detail.  If you are looking to make an impression, this is the way to go.