How to Keep Your Conference Calls Confidential and Secure

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How to Keep Your Conference Calls Confidential and Secure

Here are the top ways we try to help our clients keep their conference calls confidential:

1)  We use long 7-digit passcodes followed by the # sign.  7-digit codes are much harder to hack than traditional 4-6 digit codes.

2)  While you can use the same passcodes over and over again, it’s not a bad idea to change them every now and then.  We are happy to give you new codes on request at no charge.  (We provide you a host/moderator passcode, and a separate guest/conferee passcode, and send you reports on the usage of all the passcodes in your account.)

3)  Be careful giving access to your host/moderator passcodes.  If you think there has been a breach of security, just give us a call at Customer Service at 888-239-3969.

4)  The best way to keep a conference call confidential is to not have any passcodes at all.  By using our top-of-the-line operator service, we can call each of your participants directly and put them into the conference.  It is virtually impossible for an outsider to gain access to that private call, because the only people who can enter are the people we call.

Maintaining a confidential and secure environment has more to do with common sense than anything else.  Chances are you know the people you can trust with your passcodes.  Be careful and vigilant with the others.