Miami-Dade Conference Call Company Service

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Miami-Dade Conference Call Company Service

Miami is the Capital of Latin America!  And while millions of tourists descend upon the Magic City for the sun and beach, Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys area businesses and non-profits keep moving forward with the latest technology, including conference call services.

A 786 area code number is now available as a call-in number for all of your Miami-Dade conference calls, making it more convenient than ever for your area colleagues and associates to collaborate over the phone.  In fact, anyone in the country or world can call into the conference bridge number, enter your assigned passcodes, and participate with you on your conference call.

If you are interested in getting your Miami conference bridge, just click on the Local Access link on the top of this page.  Then, click on the Sign Up Now button to get your account set up quickly at no cost.  There are no set up charges and no monthly minimums, so if you don’t use the conference service, there is no cost whatsoever.  You are only charged for what you use, when you use it, at the exceptionally low rate of less than 3 cents per minute, per person.  The conference bridge is open to you 24/7.

You can use it anytime you want and you get to keep your passcodes and use them over and over again.

But the deal gets even better.  Your conference guests can call into their own local number (there are over 50 in the U.S. and Canada) and join you in the Miami conference.  All the local lines across the country are tied into the same conference bridge.  Bottom line:  Your guests don’t have to dial long distance and you don’t have to go to the additional expense of providing a toll free number.  For example, there are five different local access numbers across the State of Florida.

So sign up today and start saving!  Your guests will appreciate the fact they can dial a local Miami number for their conference calls.  Let us know if we can help.  Call us at 877-254-2424.