How Can I Make a Secure Conference Call?

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How Can I Make a Secure Conference Call?

Would you ever put your credit card  number and expiration date in an email?  Of course not — it can be easily intercepted by viruses which look for and harvest that type of data by software “bots.”   And that’s exactly the reason why you don’t want to conduct a highly confidential conference call on the Internet!

If your phones or conference bridge are VOIP (voice over Internet) based — in other words, if they using the Internet for their connections — you are taking a big risk.  You might be familiar with such phone services that provide very low rates because they use the Internet.  The big cable companies provide these services, mostly bundled with their Internet and television services.  Other services such as Vonage and Skype also use the Internet.  In other words, if a virus or malware can hack into your email, it can also hack into your phone call and conference.  There is always a way to beat the system — hackers spend their lives doing it. What’s worse is that a number of conference call providers also use Internet based digital conference bridges which pose a similar risk.  Fortunately, we don’t use digital bridges.

So what’s the best way to host or participate in a secured and private conference call? There are several answers:

1)  Use analog technology such as wired landline phones that use fiber-optic connections.  Unless there is a physical tapping device on your landline phone, it is virtually impossible for anyone to gain access to your call.

2)  Use a cell phone.  But keep in mind that there are cell phone monitoring devices that can intercept your calls.

3)  Make sure your conference bridge provider places your conference on an analog bridge and not a “SIP” bridge (Session Initiation Protocol), otherwise known as the most common form of Internet communications.

4)  Make sure you keep your passcodes secure.  If you want to change your passcodes, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide new ones at anytime.

5)  You will also receive instructions on how to “lock” your conference by preventing additional people from joining once you know everyone you want to talk to is there.

Conference call security and privacy is becoming more important in this day and age, and we’re happy to provide the most secure format and settings available.

Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we can get you set up in no time.