Operator Assisted Full Service Conference Call

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Operator Assisted Full Service Conference Call

There will be times when you’ll need the services of a professional operator to staff and assist you during your conference calls.  The operators can perform several functions and we’re one of the few conference providers in the nation that can offer you a complete array of options.  Here is a quick rundown on the types of services our trained operators can provide you:

1)  Our operators can call your participants and place them into your conference call.  This is a tremendous convenience and saves your participants from continually reminding themselves when to call in to the conference.  They just have to answer the phone and we’ll do the rest.

2)  Since we call them, there is absolutely no charge or expense on their part, so no one is required to pay any addition costs, such as long distance.

3)  Operators can be instructed to collect data from the participants before they are placed into the conference, such as securing email addresses or phone numbers.  Moreover, operators can personally introduce each of your guests into the conference.  For example, “Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Mr. John Smith, from ABC Corporation.”

4)  Per your instructions, your assigned operator(s) can implement any functions or features you may need.  For example, you may need to mute the participants to enable the leaders to speak to the conference without interruption or background noise.

5)  Operators can manage question and answer sessions (Q&A).  Your participants will be instructed to press a number on their keypad to be placed into a queue.  The operators can then screen your participants and introduce them to your conference one at a time.  This provides for a much more organized and efficient interactive presentation.

Operator assisted audio conferences are considered the top-tier service in the conference world.  They provide the highest level of professional concierge attention and should be used for important or critical calls.  They are very popular in the legal and education fields and are standard for corporate and investor relations calls.  There is no cost to set up an operator assisted call and you are only charged on a per minute, per person basis, with no monthly minimums or contractual obligations.

We ask that you give us 24 hours advanced notice to properly organize your call and to confirm all of your participants’ names, numbers and the time of your call.  The cost of this type of call is a little more, but the advantages and convenience you will provide your guests and participants will bring far more value with improved communications, collaboration and efficiencies.

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