Fast Set-Up for Conference Call

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Fast Set-Up for Conference Call

Looking to get a conference call service set-up NOW?  You can go to our Instant Activation page and fill out the quick order form to get your conference call-in number and passcodes in the next 2 minutes.  There is no faster way on the Internet to get your conference call started.  Better yet, your conference call number is toll-free so you and your guests won’t have to incur any long distance charges. The service works in the United States and Canada.

This is what happens:

As soon as you fill out your order form and click the submit button, an email wiill be sent to you immediately that contains the conference bridge call-in number that everyone calls, along with your activated and “ready to use” passcodes — one passcode for you as the host (moderator) and one passcode for your guests who will be joining you.

Once you receive your passcodes, you can distribute the guest passcode to everyone (usually via email) along with the time you want everyone to call-in.  You can use your new conference service anytime — 24/7 — and the lines are always open.  That’s called “reservationless conferencing” since you have complete access to the conference bridge and never have to inform us ahead of time.  It’s all yours to use whenever you want.

You can keep the passcodes and use them over and over again so you truly have an “on-demand” conference system available to you at anytime.

We’ll keep track of the time you spend on the conference bridge and charge your credit card after you use the service — it’s convenient, very affordable and provides the highest quality of conference call services available today.  So take advantage of the quick conference set-up and start your conference call in minutes.