Instant Activation: Quick Set-Up for Conference Call

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Instant Activation: Quick Set-Up for Conference Call

The quickest and fastest way to set-up a conference call is to go to our Instant Activation page, fill out the order form and get your passcodes emailed to you immediately. The passcodes are active so you can use them as soon as you receive them. Bottom line: You can have your conference call within minutes.

There are a number of advantages when you use our phone conference call services.

— there are no upfront or set-up charges and there are no weekly or monthly usage minimums.
— you are only charged for the time you use.
— the conference bridge is always open and “on-demand”.
— you’ll get a toll-free call-in number for everyone to use. No long distance charges.
— your guests can call anywhere from the U.S. or Canada.
— you pay one of the lowest rates available.
— you use the highest-quality conference technology available.
— you are backed by award winning customer service.

How does a conference call work? Easy. Everyone calls in to the conference bridge on the toll free number we email you. You put in your moderator passcode and your guests put in the participant passcode. That’s it! Your guests will be listen to music until you get there and you hear beeps when someone enters or leaves the conference. When you hang-up everyone will be disconnected. (If you don’t want those particular features, we can turn them off for you.)

We can go on, but we know you’re in a hurry. So enough of the promotional stuff — you need to have a conference call!

Click the link just above or go to the Services drop-down menu and click on Instant Activation. You’ll be hosting your conference call in no time.

Let us know if we can be of continued service. We stand ready to help you every step of the way.