Conference Call with Operator Help

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Conference Call with Operator Help

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Getting a professional operator to help you with an important conference call is easy. Depending on the level of service you’re looking for, trained operators can help by both assisting and managing your conference to insure a successful call that meets your objectives. Calls with operator help are generally high profile conferences that would involve late-breaking corporate and financial reports, important political updates and announcements, and press briefings. Operators can also help with such private conferences involving confidential legal proceedings, business projects and collaborations, and non-profit presentations. Operators can be utilized for both audio conferences and webinars (visual online presentations) and can be retained on a per minute or per hour basis.

Operators can help with various tasks

Among the various responsibilities an operator can undertake on your behalf include:

— Dialing-out to all your parties and placing them in your conference call.
— Introducing each of your parties when they join the conference.
— Greeting each of your parties who dial-in to the conference and collecting personalized data (name, company, phone, email, etc.)
— Managing and organizing question-and-answer sessions.
— Monitoring your conference and mitigating interference or distracting noises and maintaining quality connections.

Operator help on a conference call is a premium service, and though more costly than a regular conference call where participants dial a toll-free or toll number and enter a passcode to join, conferences that employ operators enjoy several benefits. Obviously, a big challenge in organizing and conducting a conference call involves and attendance and reminding participants about the day and time the call will take place. Despite reminders and notices, many people forget or just get sidetracked with other activities. With an operator’s help, your participants don’t have to remember — they just answer the phone and are placed in the conference. Better yet, having an operator introduce your guests to the other participants only confirms how much you appreciate and value their input.

For investor and shareholder calls, operators can provide a critical service by queuing up questions from financial journalists and reporters, introducing them, and assuring your conference runs smoothly.

Operator help with international conference calls

International calls are also an ideal application.  Generally speaking, this is how it all works:

1)  You get an account set up at no cost.  (You can click on the Operator Conference link here or at the top of this page.)

2)  Once your account is set up, you will get an email confirmation.  Then, we will call or email you and ask for the names and phone numbers of the people you want us to call to place into the conference.  Also, don’t forget you need to know the exact time you want us to call everyone.

3)  At the appointed time, our experienced and professionally trained operators will dial-out to each of your participants and place them into the conference. It’s that simple.

Data collection services is available

Moreover, if you need to collect information about each participate — for example, their name, where they are from, and an email address — you can let us know and we can gather that data from them before placing them into your conference. Also, you may want to have a Question & Answer session organized as part of your conference.  When your participants dial *1 (Star+1) they are immediately placed in the question queue and will wait for the operator to open their line so they can ask a question.  Overall, conference calls that have the help of an operator are the most convenient way to collaborate with colleagues and associates.  In fact, the participation in your call will be well attended because no one has to remember to call-in at a certain time.  Your participants just have to answer the phone.  If you are looking to conduct business over the phone, an operator managed call is the way to go.

The value of having an operator help you with your next conference can easily outweigh the extra cost. In fact, many corporations and businesses, along with non-profits and institutions, rely exclusively on operators to support their conference call schedules and programs. 24Conference prides itself on offering you the best trained operator assistance in the nation and we stand ready to help you personalize and customize your next important conference call.   Give us a call at 877-254-2424 to set started.