7 Advantages and Benefits to Outsourcing Conference Call Services

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7 Advantages and Benefits to Outsourcing Conference Call Services

There are several important advantages and benefits in outsourcing conference call services:

1)  Outsourcing enables you to concentrate on your core business mission and profit centers.  If you’re selling widgets, you don’t want to take time and attention away from doing what you do best.

2)  Setting up an internal conference bridge is more involved and expensive than you think.  Along with the installation of additional phone lines, there are contracts, maintenance, repairs and other overheard costs.  In other words, the “set-up” costs can be huge.  Conversely, tapping into our existing conference bridges requires no set-up costs and can be done in a few minutes. 

3)  Another issue with inhouse conferencing involves manpower and staff time.  Depending on the size of your installation, the time and attention it takes your IT department to plan for and upkeep your conference bridge can be substantial compared to outsourcing the service.  We already have trained and experienced technicians and experts on out staff who can do the same thing, not to mention professional customer service representatives (yes, live American agents who are readily available and answer the phone!)

4)  In today’s business world, companies need to be flexible and agile when it comes to locating facilities.  If an internal conference bridge was to be located, it would only make sense if there was a long term commitment to a particular location which may not be compatible with your company’s interests or goals.  On the other hand, when you outsource, there are no long term contracts and you can start and stop the services at any time, providing you the highest degree of flexibility.

5)  The conference call business is one of the most competitive in the world and rates have been dramatically reduced over the past 10 years.  From a dollar and cents point of view, the reasons for outsourcing your conference call services are becoming stronger every day.

6)  Companies and organizations that shift their cultures away from physical meetings and travel, and  toward outsourced audio and video conferencing, will be able to greatly cut costs and expenses.

7)  We offer on-demand conference services, which that you can have your conferences whenever you want, 24/7, without the need for reservations or advance notice.  Our massive bridges are open to you whenever you need them.

Overall, outsourcing your conference call service to us makes both economic and practical sense.  We stand ready to assist you in providing the conference service you need at a price that will not only save you considerable financial and staff resources, but will allow you to implement a conference call program that can be put in place within hours and day rather than months.

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