Business Teleconference Services: Sales, Projects, Announcements

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Business Teleconference Services: Sales, Projects, Announcements

Usage of our business teleconference services are growing substantially because organizations are adopting teleconferencing to cut down on meeting time and to reduce travel costs, particularly for sales conference calls, collaborative projects, and announcements.

Since it is much less expensive to retain an outsourced service bureau like us, rather than purchase and maintain conference hardware and equipment, teleconferencing has been universally adopted by both large and small firms who can now choose from a variety of excellent plans and programs.

There are plans that fit almost any business teleconferencing need or budget.

1) The most popular form of business conferencing is based on a pay-as-you-go plan.  You only pay for the minutes of conferencing you use, no more or less.  It is referred to as reservation-less conferencing, pay per minute or pay-per-use conferencing.  You can use either a toll-free or non-toll-free number to access your conference bridge.  You can learn more about the pay-as-you-go plan here.

2) There are also fixed and flat-rate teleconferencing services that provide unlimited usage, 24/7.  You can use the service as much as you want, whenever you want, for one rate per month.  The only catch is that everyone dials a long distance number.  However, since cell phones have no long distance charges (domestic) and many businesses have long distance bundled with their local service, it doesn’t cost anymore.  This is great deal for heavy conference users and can cut costs dramatically.  You can learn more about this service here.

3) Teleconferencing also includes new communication tools such as web and video conferencing.  More often than not, web conferencing that enables you to share such things as PowerPoint presentations and “whiteboards,” usually use teleconferencing as an adjunct service.  In other words, collaborators use the Internet to share visual information or even videos, while the audio portion of the conference is conducted over the phone.  You can learn more about video and web conferencing here.

Setting up a teleconferencing account is relatively simply and easy.  Once you get your account established (there is no cost to set up a conference call account) you will receive your call-in number and passcodes via email.  Set up a time you want your teleconference to begin and alert your associates of the time they should call in.  Everyone calls the same number, and you will be prompted to put in your passcode.  (You key in your host code, and your guests put in their guest code.)  Your host passcode is separate because you have the ability to mute everyone on the call to eliminate distracting background noises.  More than one person can call in on the host code.  So as an example, if three people are going to do most of the talking, and fifteen people are on the teleconference, those three people would call in on the host passcode and everyone else could be muted.

Directions on how to conduct a teleconference service call on a do it yourself basis are straightforward and easy and are included in your introductory email.  You won’t need any time to set up or practice.  And generally, you can record the call and playback at no additional cost for certain amount of time.

Getting a teleconference service to help you improve communications and enable you to discuss issues and projects with associates who are in different geographic locations is the quickest and most effective way to collaborate and achieve results.  Whether you use teleconferencing for sales, internal management, teleseminars, educational applications or just talk to family and friends, you’ll find it a convenient and beneficial technology that saves you time and money.

Give us us a call at 877-254-2424, and we’ll do our best to insure you are getting the best value for your particular needs.