Simple and Basic Phone Conference Call Service

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Simple and Basic Phone Conference Call Service

Technology marches on, but there is no denying that MOST people in the business and non-profit world prefer to use basic phone conference call services.  Nothing fancy, nothing sophisticated, no bells and whistles, and with no desire or reason to look good for the webcam, folks just simply want good old fashioned conferencing.

In a nutshell:  They just want to hop-on-the-call, discuss the topic of the day, hang-up, and get on with their business and lives.

That’s why we specialize in offering simple and basic conference call services.  Nothing complicated or intimidating.  Just a quick way to get people together over the phone to get everyone on the same page.

Here are the three major conference call services that 95% of the businesses and non-profits use:

On Demand Phone Conferencing:  This conferencing service is available to you 24/7, anytime you want to use it.  There are no reservations and the conference bridge is open to you whenever you want it.  Everyone in your conference dials a toll-free number (or non-toll free number, it’s up to you) and enters their PIN code.  That’s it!  Talk as long or as little as you like.  This is also called Pay Per Minute, or Pay Per Use conferencing.  You can learn more about this popular conferencing option here.

Unlimited Conferencing:  This service is also available to you 24/7 and you can access it at anytime.  But rather than pay per minute, you pay a flat or fixed rate every month and you get unlimited phone conferencing service.  Needless to say, if you anticipate having a lot of conference calls, you can save a fortune with this service since you can talk as much as you want.  You can get more information on this conferencing format by checking out our teleconference service page here.

Operator Staffed Conferencing:  You tell us the time you want to have a conference call and the names and the numbers of the people you want us to call, and we’ll have our professional operators dial-out to each of them and place them into the conference.  This service offers the most convenience and your guests only have to answer the phone. Your guests don’t have to keep reminding themselves to call at a certain time.  This is a very popular service for corporate and legal conference calls.  You can get details and order your operator staffed conferencing here.

Conferencing is being used more than ever, and yet, despite the technological advancements and online improvements, everyday business people still prefer to use their desk phone or cell phone to initiate or participate in a conference call.  So don’t feel like you’re missing the action or being left behind.  Simple and basic conference calling will be around for a long time to come.  Most people have no interest in putting on make-up or fixing their hair to make sure they look for their webcam appearances.  Reality is quite the opposite!

Call us at 877-254-2424 and let us help you choose the plan that fits your needs and budget.  We promise we can save you money and provide you the basic conference service that will easily advance your goals.