Reliable Phone Conferencing for Professionals

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Reliable Phone Conferencing for Professionals

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Businesses, non-profits, legal firms, and medical groups can all agree on one thing — reliable conference calling constitutes an important element in their communication and collaborative efforts.

Professionals, be they engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, or any other profession, need to have reliable conference services that provide the highest level of quality and service.  They need to know — before, not after — that their conference lines won’t be filled with static, distortions, interference, lost connections, or bleeding (that’s when you actually hear other peoples’ conferences ‘bleed’ into your conference.)  As one professional once declared, “Free isn’t worth it.”

Because there is a high demand for conference call services, rates are very competitive and can be had for a fraction of the price that was being charged just 10 or 20 years ago.  Not only that, but technology has been marching on, and everyone is getting more for less.

For example, it used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to activate video conference rooms.  Now, with webcams built into monitors and laptops, it doesn’t cost anything.  Even if you had to buy a separate webcam it wouldn’t cost more than $50.  Internet bandwidth has also made tremendous strides and the quality of broadcasting audio and video over the Internet sometimes rivals the fiber optic connections landline telephones use.

Professionals enjoy the idea of having a toll-free dial-in number they and their guests can use at a moment’s notice — it’s important that the service is available “on demand” 24/7 and can be used at anytime.  But gaining in popularity is a service that provides the ultimate convenience and high-level support that professionals may need more often than not — it’s called operator managed conference calling.  (It’s also called operator staffed or assisted conferencing.)

Quite simply, trained operators can dial-out to all your parties at a time you assign.  You give us the name and numbers and time you want your conference to start, and our operators will call you, and your guests, and place everyone in the conference call.  That’s called operator dial-out.

There is also operator dial-in.  That is when you and your guests call a toll free number and are greeted by an operator who is available, upon your request, to gather and compile information about your guests.  You may want to get a list of who called, by name, company, or any other variable data point you desire.  This is popular with investor calls when companies want to get contact information about reporters or others from the press.

If it’s a large call with a good number of people, you may be interested in opening up a Q & A session.  Again, operators can come in handy.  Your guests will key in a number to be transferred to an operator who put them in a queue to ask a question.  This is also done on investor calls.

Overall, professionals have a plethora of options when it comes to conference calling.  That’s why we encourage you to call us at 877-254-2424 and let us know what your particular needs may be so we can work with you to provide the top of the line service at the lowest and most competitive rates.

Your time and efforts need to address the “content” of your profession.  The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your conference call is going to work properly.

That’s why we look forward to working with you to assure that you and your guests can benefit from the best conferencing services in the nation.