Conference Call Service for Lawyers / Attorneys

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Conference Call Service for Lawyers / Attorneys

Lawyers can access secured conference call services quickly and easily while enjoying the latest call technology that provides the highest quality conference discussions. Better yet, there is no need to buy any expensive hardware or software and there are no up-front costs.

After years of providing conferencing services for attorneys, we can easily attest that the most popular conferencing format is the Operator Dial-Out service. Quite simply, the lawyer or law firm provides us a list of the names and phone numbers of each of the parties they would like us to call, along with the time of the call, and our operators “dial-out” to each party and places them into the conference call.
It’s easy, convenient, and the participants — particularly the judges — don’t have to do anything except answer the phone. It’s highest level of professional conferencing service available and is the overwhelmingly preferred way to conduct legal business and matters.

Lawyers prefer operator staffed “dial-out” conference calls

Why do lawyers prefer operator dial-out conference calls? There are a variety of reasons, not the least of which involves the reassurance that regardless of what else is happening in the office at any given moment, the conference operators will make sure that everything is kept on schedule and the conference will take place on time to accomplish its intended purpose. Lawyers, admins and their para-legals don’t have to keep reminding themselves of the time of the conference. More importantly, the other parties who would otherwise be calling into the conference don’t have to keep reminding themselves of the time either. Needless to say, a large percentage of conference participants simple forget about calling into to conference calls because they get sidetracked with other issues.

Having a conference operator call everyone and place them into the conference easily solves the problem of continuous emails and reminders to the parties that the conference call will be at certain time and to keep the conference passcodes handy. Yes, people do lose conference passcodes.

Retaining a professional service to get the conference executed on time, at the right time, and with the designated participants, is highly valued among attorneys who appreciate the fact that they can concentrate on the subject matter of the conference, rather than the logistics and set-up.

Operators on stand-by at all times in case help is needed

Once the call has started, the operator excuses him/herself and is on stand-by in the event help is needed. The conference host only needs to dial Star-0 (*0) and the operator will come back into the conference call. There are situations when the operator might be called back into the conference. For example, let’s say one of the parties is on a cell phone and they are in an out-of-range location and get disconnected from the call. The operator can come back into the conference and be requested to re-dial the lost participant. Or a participant has to switch offices and need to talk from another phone. There are circumstances when an operator’s assistance is needed and can be called upon at a moment’s notice. That is another big advantage of having an operator staff a legal conference call.

Ideal for depositions and judge conferences

As more and more legal work is done over a wide ranging geographic area — sometimes from coast to coast — legal conference calls, including depositions and conferences with judges, have become quite common and an integral part of law practices. Having a reliable, high quality, conference service on a pay-as-you-go basis (no long term contracts) is an important staple in any law firm’s technological operation.

Give us at call at 877-254-2424 and we can help you set-up your account so you can start saving time and resources at your law firm and enjoy the convenience of conducting business over the phone.