Teleconference Service: Fast Set-Up

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Teleconference Service: Fast Set-Up

As a leading teleconference service, we can provide you an easy and fast set-up. If you are looking for an always-on conference service that is available 24/7 for your use, you can get your call-in number and passcodes in the next 2 minutes here with our Instant Activation service.

Here is a quick summary of the benefits of this teleconference service:

1) It offers toll-free calling, which is our specialty. You will get an 888, 877, 866, or 855 toll-free number for the conference bridge. You’ll get two passcodes — one for you as the host and another for your guests.

2) You only pay for the minutes you use. There is no set up fee or monthly minimums. After making the call, your credit card is charged, and a receipt is sent to your number. Also, you will get an emailed summary of the call instantly after it ends, listing the number of participants, the time each person stayed on the call, all shows by their caller ID numbers. You can also monitor your conference call online, seeing who is entering and leaving your conference in real time.

3) You can use your conferencing service today, tomorrow, next week — whenever you need it. You keep the same passcodes and can use them over and over again. There are no reservations, so you don’t have to let us know when you want to use the service. The passcodes always stay the same till you want to change them, which can be done quickly through calling our Customer Service department, which offers instant live assistance, without phone trees or recording you have to navigate. When was the last time you called any customer service department and had the live person answer the phone?

4) You will enjoy the best value and highest quality in the conference calling industry. Meanwhile, you’ll save on travel and meeting costs. With more and more work being remotely, teleconferencing services are seeing a dramatic surge in use, especially since conference rates have continued to trend downward.

Overall, if you are looking to add teleconferencing to your organizational culture or business, there has been a great time to get started.

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Another Option: Have an Operator Manage Your Call

For important calls, you might want to consider having an experienced operator to help you. The operator managed and staffed the conference call, offers a live operator who dials-out to all the parties, and patches them through to the conference bridge. The guests only require answering the phone. Within the US, the cost to have an operator on your call is 19 cents per person/per minute for domestic calls. This is the highest level of customer service and conferencing you can obtain.

Usually, the operator dials you first and after that your guests in the way you prefer. You will need to provide a lot of numbers and names of those people you want us to call, as well as the time you wish the call to begin. For assuring you call is appropriately staffed, we appreciate having 24 hours’ notice. At the selected time, we will call all those people and add them to the conference. This highest level of conference is used for the essential conference call by court personnel, attorneys, businesses, corporates, and other people who are searching for time-saving and convenient ways to conduct the conference in the best way.

Operator Dial-In and Dial-Out Services

Operator Dial-In Service: It is when you and your guests call a toll-free number and are welcomed by the available operator, to get and compile information about your guests. You may need to gather a list of those people, by company, name, or other variable data points you like. It is famous for the investor calls when firms want to get contact information about the people from the press or reporters.

Operator Dial-Out Service: This is the highest level of conferencing available, which is considered a top-of-the-line service. Our professionally trained operators call you and your guests and place them into a conference call. Let us know if you would like us to introduce each caller when they join the conference call. It is one of the ideal solutions for the essential and high-level sales calls, international conference calls, legal conferences with depositions or judges, investor relation calls, or the other calls that require professional management and top-flight attention.

When it comes to professional conference calling, professionals have a variety of options. That’s why we encourage you to call us at 877-254-2424 and let us know about your specific needs so that we can work with you to offer the best service at the most competitive and lowest rates possible.

More Teleconference Choices for Non-Profits, Businesses, and Corporations

We have affordable plans for high-quality conferencing, and our plans are intended to meet the most every business need – including conferencing with local access numbers, full-service operator managed calls, flat and fixed-rate unlimited conferencing, and toll-free 800 conference call. You will see our primary offering at the top of this page. On every service page, you will see a different conference rate involving several free options that come with each service. These options, for example, music on hold, can be changed at any time. It is easy to set up a conference call and can be done in less than one hour. There are no long-term contracts and no cancellation or set-up fees. After setting up your account, you can begin a conference call anytime, because our services are ‘reservation-less.’

When you have your individual passcodes, there is no need to schedule the conference call with us; you can access the conference bridge 24/7. Outsourcing the conference call services and having access to a conference bridge that operated and handled by a company that emphasizes on offering best service is much more efficient and cost-effective as compared to purchasing your own hardware, software, and phone lines.

It is least expensive to have a piece of large conference bridge in comparison with owning a whole conference bridge, which requires maintenance contracts, fixed overhead costs like phone lines, and maybe underutilized with time. This is the reason why most non-profits and companies focus on retaining the conference services on a pay-as-you-go basis to reimburse for the flows and ebbs of usage.

There can be a time when significantly less phone conferencing is required, and the other time when usage is high. Per-use conferencing in a practical, convenient, and accurate way to increase collaboration and productivity among the investors, customers, prospects, board members, working colleagues, and even the general public for reputational management.

Professional and Reliable Teleconferencing Service

If you are looking for a professional teleconference service that can offer you dependable and reliable access with responsive customer service, we can help you today! Just give us a call and let us know what your particular needs are. We will assist you in designing a program that meets your requirements as well as your budget.

Tips on How to Improve the Quality of Your Teleconference

There are numerous conference call providers out there using all kinds of conference call hardware and equipment. As we all know, ‘You get what you pay for,’ some of it is good, and some of it is better. To be sure, we use the best hardware on the market today, and we go that extra mile to make sure you access the high-quality bridge hardware. Luckily, breakdowns and outages are less.

Mute Participants with Background Noise or Bad Connections
There are numerous ways you can help to improve the quality of calls. Don’t forget! A conference bridge is going to relay any sound it hears. “Full digital duplex” is a technology in which the conference bridge will choose two or three, or even one hundred, individuals talking at once. It does not clip people or isolate individual speakers off. So, whatever background noises you hear on a conference call are coming from the phones of the participants – kids screaming, dogs barking, fire sirens, etc. The moderators can mute every person on the call, except for those individuals who call in using the passcode of the host.

Call from Landline for Best Quality
This feature can be very beneficial, mainly if you are formatting a call to numerous people listening to only a few ones. For instance, let’s suppose you have a call where four individuals are going to discuss most of the things. Well! Those four people can call into the conference using the Host or Moderator passcode. When you are ready to mute every person on the call, except the moderators, press the keypad command, and you remove the bad connection or background noise instantly. It can be irritating when someone, for instance, calls from a mobile phone and does not have a good connection. The noises from the bad connection will echo during the conference. Hence, when need to encourage a lot of participants as possible to call from a landline phone, or at least call from a mobile phone that is in a good reception and transmitting location.

Limit Use of Speaker Phones if You Can
Don’t forget! If you are going to use a speakerphone to call into the conference, that a lot of speakerphones are NOT full digital duplex and will cut off the speakers if anyone else is talking. Also, it can cause some problems, in addition to the fact that they will pick the background noise in the room. Always make sure that the things around you are quiet. If you see you have a bad quality in a conference, all you need to do is to hang up and try again to get the best phone connection. Usually, it solves most of the problems.

Summary of Teleconference Services

We offer a variety of different professional teleconference calling plans, all intended to fit your needs and budget. If you are searching for a budget-friendly conference call service that offers affordability, reliability, and high-quality, we can assist you. Just sign up and create your account without investing a single penny. Here is a brief summary of some additional plans you may want to consider:

Fixed Rate Plan with Unlimited Minutes

If you are going to host a lot of conferences, and your guests do not mind dialing a long-distance number, then our plan of unlimited conferencing for one low flat rate per month can save you a considerable amount of money. And remember, if your participants are calling from their cell phones, or from their landlines that have bundled service and enable them to call anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for free, there is no additional cost to dial long distance. This is the best set-up if you are looking to have predictable costs each month that you can budget for in advance.

Have some questions? We are here for you. Just give us a call at 877-254-2424 and let us show you the best options that can work according to your needs. It will provide you with an excellent opportunity to select the best plan that is according to your requirements and budget.