Teleconference Service Guide | Conference Call Options

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Teleconference Service Guide | Conference Call Options

teleconference service guide

This teleconference service guide will provide a summary of conference call options you can evaluate when choosing an effective and reliable conference call service.

Here are a few questions you can ask potential vendors.
– Does the company insist you to share your contact list, such as LinkedIn contacts or account information on Facebook?
– Does the company provide you with an option of video conferencing?
– Does it include high security having a 7-digit password?
– Does it offer FREE recording capabilities?
– Does the conference service offer both toll-free and non-toll-free options?
– Does it provide live operators to assist in managing the conferences for essential meetings?
– Does it have customer testimonials on its website?
– Does the business offer live on-demand services for customers?
– Does a live individual answer the phone when you call the business?
– Does it offer pay-as-you-go plans in addition to flat-rate/fixed services?

Benefits of 24Conference and professional conference service providers

With more than 20 years of experience offering conferencing services to non-profits, professional offices, businesses, and corporations, we offer a variety of teleconference services to help people and associates cooperate and share important information.

Using a professional service like 24Conference has proven to save considerable resources, money and time. The latest experience with the shutdown caused by the coronavirus has shown first hand how important conferencing is in helping people connect while working remotely.

By and large, it is much less expensive to outsource your conferencing versus having your own in-house system, which requires maintanence and staff time.

Choosing Conference Call Plan

There are a number of conference call plans available. You just need to find the one that suits your purposes. Each one has its benefits. Generally speaking, they all make conferencing available to you 24/7, without any reservations necessary. With your conference call-in number and your passcodes, you and your participants can access the conference bridge anytime, from anywhere and you can enjoy an unlimited number of calls for an unlimited amount of time. It’s all yours!

Below are several plans — everything from unlimited fixed-rate/flat rate to pay-as-you-go plans. Also, we also offer legal conference calls and the top-of-the-line operator-managed conference call services. The costs of conference calling can differ depending on what kind of conference call service you have. While choosing any of our plans, it is essential to consider the unique needs of your organization. We are always here to assist you in navigating your options!

Pay-As-You-Go Conference Call

It is also called “pay-per-use” teleconferencing. This conference calling service is the most popular plan used by non-profits and businesses for collaboration and communication. The service is simple and affordable.

When you use this plan, you pay only for those services you use, and you pay for them after you use them. You can calculate the cost by multiplying the rate with the total minutes you will be using (for instance: 8 individuals on a conference call for 8 minutes = 64 total minutes. 64 minutes times 4.9¢ per minute = $3.14.)

Pay-As-You-Go Conferencing Benefits

Here is a list of the major advantages and benefits that this teleconferencing service offers:
– No need to buy any software or hardware
– No need to make a reservation to get service (use on-demand, 24/7)
– Free options and features such as auto hang up and music-on-hold
– A choice between non-toll-free and toll-free access
– Billing only after the conference call
– No monthly minimums
– No setup charges
– Have your conference call in the next 2 minutes with our fast conference call set-up

The value and reliability of this plan should put it at the top of your list of considerations. There are a lot of different formats and plans available to you. however, you can never go wrong with this plan. The value of this plan should not be underestimated.

This conference calling service is provided by almost all the vendors in different formats to fit their budget. With the advancement of global communication, and with the business associates and contacts spread all over the globe, the accessibility for 24/7 access has become universal.  Irrespective of the time of the day, the users can access the conference bridges on-demand for conducting the business without any need to make reservations. At the time of signing up for conference service, you will be given a call-in number and password to start a conference call at any time with any number of members.

You may dial a regular local number or toll-free number to get into the conference. When talking about the costs, there are two options for you. You can choose a monthly fixed rate that offers unlimited usage or pay-per-minute rate.

Pay-as-You-Go conferencing is increasing in popularity because it is convenient and cost-effective. Regardless of where your contacts are in the world and irrespective of what time zone they are in, every person can pick the phone easily to stay connected. Perhaps it is a project of software development you are advancing in India or a manufacturing deal in China. Your contacts can work together and share their ideas over the phone.

Flat Rate Conferencing with Unlimited Usage

One of the most requested services is unlimited conferencing at a flat rate every month. This option is provided every month without any long-term contract. With this, you can talk when you want for as long as you want. You can be practically unlimited because the price is fixed. It is essential to note that with the help of a flat-rate plan, you are charged a fixed fee every month, even if you are not using it. In comparison with other programs, this service can save you if your business has a unique need for conferencing!

A significant difference between other plans and this option is that it does not provide the participants with a toll-free number. Instead, you dial a regular long-distance number for accessing the conference bridge.

But since most businesses and people have long-distance costs bundled with their local service, and there is NO long distance costs associated with cell phone usage, flat rate conference service is becoming very popular. A lot of non-profit groups, businesses, and organizations have significantly reduced their conferencing expenditures by merely shifting to a flat-rate service.

Conference Calling with Local Numbers

Local access is the most reasonable service. This service allows the members to dial a local number if present in significant cities. So, if you are in an area of New York City, you will dial a phone number of a New York City, while your conferees in Los Angeles or Chicago will dial a number for their respective cities.

No matter where you dial-in from, you will end up taking on the same conference bridge. The people who do not live in major cities can also enjoy the low-cost choice of Local Access conferencing. We recommend you this safest and most reliable option if you are a professional organization: a paid conference service with a diversity of conferencing plans to choose from!

Operator Managed Conference Call

Of course, the highly professional service is the operator-managed conference call service. It is the best option for essential calls when you need the proficiency of a highly-trained operator to call every member and hand-place them into a conference bridge.

The corporations choose this service all the time, particularly for the calls related to delicate or critical topics such as company-wide crisis, calls to the media, investor-relation calls updates.

There will be times when you require the services of a professional operator to staff and help you during a conference call. The operators can do different functions, and we are among the conference providers that can offer a complete list of options. Let us talk about the types of services our operators can offer:

Our operators can call your participants and add them to the conference call. It saves the participants from reminding themselves when to call so they only need to answer the phone.

What do Operators do?

Our operators receive your online order and then confirm the details with you the same time. (We appreciate 24 hours notice for operator managed calls.) Details will include the names and phone numbers of your guests and the exact time you want your call to start. Likewise, the operators can introduce every guest personally into the meeting. For instance, “Joining the call now is Mr. Smith from ABC Company.”

Per your instructions, your allotted operator can implement any features or functions you may require. For instance, you may need to mute the members to allow the leader to speak to the conference without background noise or interruption.

The operators can manage Q & A sessions (Question and Answer Sessions). All the users will be advised to press a number on the keypad to be placed in a queue. Then, the operators can screen your members and introduce them to the conference one at a time. It offers a more effective and organized interactive presentation.

The operator aided audio conferences are considered the best service. They offer an increased level of professional attention and can be used for critical or essential calls. They are used often in the education and legal fields and are standard for investor relations and corporate calls.

Video Conference: How to Video Conference with Your Webcam

It is quite inexpensive and easy to get a video conference call service for your organization or office. There is no need to invest hundreds of dollars on equipment when the webcam of your desktop performs well. Besides, you do not need any software. With our service, you can run the conference without any time, and none of your members will need to install or download any software on their desktops. The entire process is simple and fast.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a professional service of video conferencing:
– Upload any document and enable screen sharing
– Compatible with Mac and Windows
– Use built-in VOIP audio or your regular conferencing call service
– Broadly accepted and easy to use flash interface
– Configure screen format anyway according to your needs
– Recording capabilities, instant messaging, whiteboard, screen sharing, file sharing, and full-duplex video conferencing
– Immediate access without any reservations needed
– Get unlimited month-to-month usage or pay on a per-user basis
– No software or hardware to buy or maintain
– Easy setup and no start-up costs

One of the most notable features known as “screen sharing” allows you to have participants see whatever is on your screen. So, what you see on your desktop, they see on their screens. It can be anything; a document, slide show, video, or website. They will keep right up with you as you move on with your presentation. Also, you can use a pointer to let them know what to look at.

Because video conference call service has become reasonably priced and because the technology has brought it to your laptop, desktop, and even your phone, you will notice a lot of applications for it in non-profits, businesses, and family use. Of course, there are several free services such as Yahoo and Skype that provide video on a one-to-one basis. However, if you’re involved in having a smaller number of people on your video conference call, you will require a paid service like the one we are offering.

Want to see our video conference service in action? Give us a call us for a free demo to see all the benefits of video conferencing for your prospects, customers, and associates. With the advancements in video technology and with the rates going down, you’ll be using video conferencing more and more.

The More You Know, the More You’ll Like 24Conference

As you can see, we have different plans to service your particular conferencing needs — for every purpose and budget. We look forward to serving you in the future and our sign-up process is fast and easy. In fact, you can get set-up in less than 2 minutes by using our Fast Conference Call Set-up process. Please give us a call at 877-254-2424 and let us know what we can do for you. We look forward to working with you!