5-Person Conference Call Can Be Set-Up Fast

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5-Person Conference Call Can Be Set-Up Fast

5 person conference callIf you are looking to have a 5-person conference call, you can get your call-in number and passcodes immediately by taking advantage of our Instant Activation conference service here.

We specialize in providing fast conferencing set-ups for businesses, professional firms and non-profit organizations that need on-demand conferencing for 3-10 people. Don’t worry — when you sign up to get your call-in number and conferencing passcodes, you are NOT limited to just 5 people. Your conference bridge will enable you to have up to 100 callers. Better yet, there is no set-up fee and you are only charged for what you use. In other words, if 5 people are on the call, you are billed 5 cents per minute, per person. If 10 people are on the call, you are billed the same rate. It’s fast, simple and the perfect way to get your work done.

There is a huge demand for 5-person conference calls in today’s business world. Over the last 20 years businesses have increasingly turned to digital or virtual communication. Due to the pandemic, that trend has been accelerated ten-fold. More people are working from home than ever before, and they are likely to continue to do so for some time.

The changing business landscape.

Many studies have been done showing that people are less stressed, more focused, and more productive when working remotely compared to working in an office. But companies, particularly small businesses, have balked at allowing more of their employees work from home. Now they are being pushed into the practice, and many are finding that the benefits are numerous.

Uses for a 5-person conference call.

You can use our conference calling services to keep your team up to date, and to collaborate with others on projects. You can also use these services to meet with your clients, especially when you need to present or communicate with multiple people at the same company.

The easiest method of 5-way communication.

When you use traditional conferencing options, you have a much easier time meeting with your team or clients. Setting up the hosting end is very easy, and we can always walk you through it if you need help. If you are getting an unlimited plan because you’ll be using it frequently, you only have to do the set up one time in most cases. And, your attendees calling in have zero set up. Anyone can use a 5-person conference call, even if they struggle with tech.

Solutions for continuous communication with your team and clients.

There is a need for conference calling solutions for teams to maintain continuous communication. If you are used to having morning meetings with your staff each day, you can hold these over a conference call while everyone is working from home. While you can use video conferencing for these situations, a traditional conference call over the phone is often the easiest and most convenient option for everyone.

Easy teleconferencing options.

You can decide for yourself what type of conferencing services you need. Will you need to meet with your team every morning over the phone while you’re out of the office? Do you need to only meet with your team once a week or once a month? Choosing the right 5-person conference calling package based on your needs can be challenging, but we are here to assist you in finding the best plan for you.

If you are looking fot have a lot of conference calls, you might be well advised to look into our flat-rate service. You pay one flat rate per month for unlimited conferencing. You can talk as much as you want, whenever you want. Rates start at $9 per month for a 5-line capacity. We stand ready to assist you so contact us today to learn more about how our phone conferencing services can benefit you.