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March 2009

Conference Bridge Hardware

Author: Lee Simonson

Providing conference bridge hardware is a speciality of ours.  We have an impressive supply of new and used conference bridges from all of the leading manufacturers including Spectel, Octave, Think Engine, Sonexis, Latitude and Wyde Voice, as small as eight ports to well over a thousand.  Best of all, you have several financing options available, including leasing.


So whether you want to install a new conference bridge on-site, or lease one from us and have us maintain it, you have to security and comfort of knowing that you have on demand access to YOUR system with full redundancy.  Give us a call with your specs and let us get back to you with a fast quote.


You might be surprised to find out just how much money and time you can save by having us do the leg work for you.

Conference Bridge Services Ready for You

Author: Lee Simonson

Conference bridge services are available with different plans to suit your particular needs including unlimited flat or fixed rate conferencing, 800 conference call and both toll free and non-toll free pay as you go conferencing.  You see links above for our most popular programs.  You can also give us a call at at 877-254-2424 to discuss what program best meets your requirements.  Moreover, if you are looking for actual conference bridge hardware (rather than conference bridge services) we can help you as well.  We buy, sell, lease and rent hardware with a number of different options and financing plans available.

Court Reporters Can Earn Referral Commissions for Lawyer Conference Calling

Author: Lee Simonson

Are you a court reporter interested in creating a new profit center for yourself?    Is your court reporting company open to the idea of having a new revenue stream?  Look no further.  Chances are you will need to arrange for your clients a deposition conference call over the phone.  Not only can we handle that for you, but we are happy to share in the profits.  You refer your attorney clients to us, and in turn, we send you a commission.  It's simple, clean and your clients will love the idea that they don't have to worry about spending time splitting the deposition conference call costs.  We can do that for you by sending each attorney a separate bill.

So now you can earn more and offer your clients additional services (while we do all the work and billing!)  This is the easiest way to offer your clients additional services, increase your revenue, and have each of the conference call participants receive their own invoice for their portion of the conference call.  It not only simplifies the deposition process, but enables you to concentrate on what you do best -- court reporting.  You let us handle the conference call and billing.  After the call, you get paid a commission on your customers who use the service.

You increase your income, your clients save money, and best of all, there are NO hardware or software expenses. The system is already in place and ready to go.  No long term contracts or set up fees and you can record your conferences for permanent storage.  We understand your needs and offer exceptional sound quality for telephone depositions and lawyer conference calls along with professional operator assistance.  You can call into the conference toll free, or we can have our operators call the participants for you.

24 Conference - Fixed Rate

Author: Lee Simonson

Our most popular service offers a fixed rate conference call open 24 hours a day.  The beauty of the service is that it enables you to talk as long as you want, anytime you want, and without reservations.  So, you are looking for 24 hour access to a conference bridge while enjoying a fixed or flat rate every month without any long term contract, you've come to the right place.  Just click on the Flat Rate link on the upper left of this page and you'll get all the details.  Let us show you just how easy conferencing can be.

Conference Call Service is a Must Have for Telecommuters

Author: Lee Simonson

Telecommuters need several tools to enable them to work offsite.  First is a portable fax sending and receiving capability provided by Fax2Mail.   Second is an online auto dialer service that helps with outbound sales calls.  And third, is conferencing services. There are a lot of conference call options available to you that will fit any of your business needs.  If you want to be able to budget exact amounts monthly, there is our fixed rate conferencing service (flat rate conferencing) which can be configured for whatever number of lines you require.  It is a reservationless service and you have unlimited calling for a set price every month.   There is also toll-free reservationless conferencing, operator assisted conference calling and operator dial out services.   These services can all be configured to whatever call volume you might need.  Telephone conferencing is becoming a must-have service as businesses move to decrease travel costs, yet remain professional.


Set Rate Conference Call

Author: Lee Simonson

Set rate conference calls are our speciality.  You get unlimited 24/7 conferencing and pay one set, or flat rate, each month.  You can use set rate conferencing, or fixed rate conferencing, for as little as 5 people which costs only $19 per month, or as many as hundreds, depending on your needs.  You get more details by clicking on the flat rate conference link on the upper left.  This is such a great deal that 90% of our customers choose this service over all the others we offer.  Like we say, flat or set rate conferencing is our bread and butter and we will continue to do our best in providing excellent service and quality.  When your business and livelihood depend on it, you can bet our hearts (and money!) stand behind everything we do. So if you're looking for a constant rate phone conference service where rates stay the same and won't go up, you've found the right place!

5 Way Calling on Phone is Convenient

Author: Lee Simonson


Looking to find out how to conduct a 5 way call on the phone for your business or organization?  It's easy.


In fact, we've just expanded our service offerings and have begun a new service that includes 5 lines of conferencing (5 people can be on the conference at the same time) with unlimited usage.  That means you can talk as long as you want, anytime you want.  There is no per minute pricing.  And you can get that service for $19 per month.


Just click here: Flat Rate for conference calling to get more details and to open an account.  Best of all, the service is open to you 24/7 with no reservations necessary.  And there are no long term contracts either.  You can get the service on a month to month basis.  One of our valued customers ordered several 5 line accounts last week and was thrilled at how much he saved and how convenient it was to have simultaneous conferences.  Give us a call and get a free trial week and see for yourself.


Telecommuting Conference Calling Services

Author: Lee Simonson

We just saw a survey that concluded that quite a few telecommuters who work at home don't get showered or dressed.  And why should they?  Frankly, many of them are our customers and we don't give too much thought about the grooming habits of telecommuters.  The important thing is that we keep them connected with their associates, colleagues, customers and prospects.  And that's the beauty of being able to work from anywhere at anytime -- even if you are working in the buff!  More and more companies will embrace telecommuting as a way to save rent for office space and other overhead costs involved with housing workers in during the day.  For example, if you have a sales organization, why would it be necessary to have your sales people work in an expensive office environment when they pick up the phone just as easily at home?  Our mission is to focus on reliable telecommuting conference calling services that our customers have come to depend upon.  With conference calling connecting people -- dressed or not -- the world of commerce continues to keeping spinning while helping businesses accomplish more in less time.  If you haven't looked into telecommuting as an option for your organization, it's time to adapt to the technology and learn how to cut the cord to the traditional office environment.


Toll Free Conferencing Using 800 Number

Author: Lee Simonson

Looking for toll free conferencing using an 800 number? Look no further.  Your customers and prospects will appreciate the convenience of calling an 800 number to access a conference call.  It's more professional and the cost has come down dramatically over the years.  (We've been around long enough to remember it costing 25 cents a minute to call long distance across the country, and when the companies like Ma Bell were charging 60 cents per minute per person for toll free conferencing!)  There are several options you can choose from, and we work with you to find the best one that meets your needs.  For example, you may elect to use our Pay As You Go toll free conference call service (see the link above) that enables you to just pay for what you use.  On the other hand, you might be a heavy user and what the Supersaver program (see link above) that is based on a model similar to cell phone plans where you buy a bucket of conferencing minutes each month for a set price.  Give us a call, and let us know how you want to use your conferencing service, and we'll give you our best advice on how to achieve what you want to do at the lowest cost.

Scheduling Conference Calls When It's Time to "Spring Ahead"

Author: Lee Simonson

Have you gotten used to writing 2009 on your checks?  For some people it takes months to change over.  The calendar seems to keep moving forward faster and faster (or is that just an illusion as we get older?).  But there is one thing that can confuse the scheduling of conference calls for a couple of days next week, and that's the switch over to Daylight Savings Time this weekend.  It's time to "spring ahead" and experience an extra hour of sunlight in the evening, and unfortunately, one less hour of sleep.  So, if you are scheduling a conference call next week, don't forget to remind your participants about the time change.  They might forget to turn their clocks ahead and will call into the conference an hour late!  Fortunately, most people adapt pretty quickly to the change and it's not a big issue.  Certainly not has problematic as thinking you're still living in 2008!

Conference Call Troubleshooting

Author: Lee Simonson

It's a rare day when one of customers call and says they've been unexpectedly knocked out of a conference call.  But it happened this past week, and with a new customer nonetheless.  When we get these kinds of reports, we roll up our sleeves and open a trouble ticket immediately.  When we say we offer reliable phone conference call service, we mean it.  But the more we looked into the problem, the more it didn't make any sense.  The customer was using one of our most reliable conference bridges.  Despite being used regularly by over 200 clients we've directed to use that bridge, no one else had reported any problems.  Meanwhile, our customer was saying he was getting heat from his CEO to switch conference services.
Fortunately, our customer contact was not only insightful, but a bit of Sherlock Holmes.  He told us that participants were calling from Canada and that they were using international phone cards to access our conference bridges.  So he tried an experiment the next day.  He instructed everyone to stop using the phone cards, and just dial into the bridges directly.  Needless to say, everything worked without a hitch and the culprit was uncovered -- it was the phone cards that were breaking the connection, not our conference call service.  He was gracious enough to call us and tell us that the problem was on his end, not ours, and he thanked us for our efforts to help.  He's ordered several more conferencing accounts and is pleased as punch with our service.  

Conference Call Service

Author: Lee Simonson

Those of you who are loyal customers and blog followers know that offers conference call service to both big and small organizations.  Our goal has always been to provide the most reliable service, at the lowest rates, with the best customer service.  And we're pleased to say that we have achieved those objectives.  But that doesn't mean we sit our laurels either.  We're always looking for new ways to improve our service and technology and offer you the most inexpensive -- OK, cheap conference calling -- available. wants to be THE "value" proposition in today's conferencing marketplace and we'll do whatever we can to make sure that you continue to receive the best value for conference call services.  If you have any ideas on how we can be better, your feedback is always welcomed.