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July 2011

Toll Free Conference Calling Service: 800 Highest Quality, Best Value

Author: Lee Simonson


Toll free conference calling services are our speciality and we are proud to provide the highest quality and best value in the conference calling industry.
Toll free conferencing comes in two formats so you have the advantage of choosing the best program for your particular needs.
Toll Free  800 Pay-As-You-Go Conference Calling is our most popular service and enables you have a conference call anytime, with any number of people you want.  Your credit card is charged after you make your call and you are sent a receipt.  You can also get an emailed summary of the call immediately after it concludes, listing the number of people participating, how long each stayed on the call, all identified by their caller ID numbers.
There are two big features that make this toll free service so attractive.  First, you only pay for what you use after you use it.  So if a day, week or month, goes by and you have not used your conference service, there is no charge.  It's a perfect conference call solution for intermittent or periodic conference users.  Second, all your calllers have the convenience of dialing a toll free number (which looks more professional) and are covered in the United States and Canada.  (We also have international toll free numbers that can ring into the same conference.  If you are interested in see the international rates, click here.)
Supersaver Toll Free Conferencing provides you discounted pre-paid toll free minutes.  It works just like your mobile phone plan -- you pre-pay for a set number of minutes every month.  Quite simply, if you can get a ballpark amount on the number of conferencing minutes you use every month -- take an average -- and then choose the monthy plan that comes closest to the number, you'll end up way ahead.  (Minutes are not rolled over to the next month, so it's best to underestimate.  If you happen to go over your allotted minutes, you are billed the normal per minute rate for the toll free pay as you go service, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.
There are two big advantages with the Supersaver conferencing service.  First, you receive a substantial discount -- nearly 50% off -- when you prepay.  Second, you can budget and predict with better accuracy what your conferencing expense will be each month.  You always pay the same monthly fee, whether you use the minutes or not, so budgeting becomes much easier and you are not whipsawed from low expenses one month and high the next.
For both plans, you will received an 888, 877 or 866 toll free number for your conference bridge.  (Actual 800 numbers were spoken for a long time ago.)  In addition, you'll get two passcodes -- one for you as the host, and another for your guests.  The passcodes always stay the same until you want to change them which can be done easily by a simple call to our Customer Service department which provides instant live help, without any recordings or phone trees you have to navigate.  When was the last time you called any customer service department and had a live person answer the phone?
Conferencing is on the upswing because it saves time and money.  Most business can be conducted easily and convenient over the phone and the need to have time-consuming physical meetings is in the past.  If you are looking to add conferencing to your business or organizational culture, there has never been a better time to get started.  Conference rates are the lowest they have been in years and you'll also see a dramatic reduction in travel and meeting expenses as well.  Check out our toll free conferencing services above or give us a call anytime to discuss your needs so we can help you choose the best toll free conferencing plan for you.

Phone Conference Services: Getting the Highest Quality at the Lowest Rates

Author: Lee Simonson


High quality phone conferencing services are readily available and easy to obtain.  In fact, you can get a conference account set up in minutes at no cost.  You can review each of the various conferencing plans and options at the top or side of this webpage.
Here are some of things you should know or consider while you are narrowing down your phone conference bridge options:
1)  In 90% of the situations, it's MUCH less expensive to outsource your conferencing services versus owning and maintaining your own in-house conference bridge and hardware.
2)  There are variety of flavors -- you have a number of plan options that can best meet your budget and needs.  It doesn't hurt to discuss the pros and cons of each with a professional.  That's why we're here.
3)  Free conference services exist, but in the end, you get what you pay for.  Long distance carriers have been known to block calls entering free conference bridges.
4)  Audio phone conferencing is here to stay.  Why?  Because as cool as video conferencing is, the majority of people are self-conscious about what they look like on camera.  Some people even hate looking at themselves.  Verbal conversation will never be replaced when it comes to business and organizational interaction and that's why the phone will be around for a long time.  More people text now than talk on the phone, however, it's not a convenient way to conduct business dialogs.
5)  For video and web conferencing, the old video conference room is out and the smaller less expensive webcams are in.  Now you can do everything from your desktop, or even smartphone.
6)  It's true.  Phone conferencing slashs travel and meetings expenses dramatically.
The reason phone conference call services are booming is because it is the least expensive way to conduct business from a variety of locations.  Face to face meetings are always good, but unfortuntaely, they eat up time which businesspeople and non-profit professionals can't afford.  If you can get 5 people on an audio conference call by just picking up the phone, you can accomplish more in 10 minutes than you can killing a morning or afternoon trying to get everyone in the same room at the same time.  And with the advent of smartphones and cell technology and coverage, people can now conference and conduct business from anywhere.  You'll see hand-held video conferencing technology becoming more widely used in the future.
Your best bet:  Look at the different conference services that are offered, get some good advice, and move forward with your plans.  There are no long term commitments so you can always switch to another plan easily and quickly.  Getting a high quality and reliable conferencing service could be the best move you've ever made.

800 Conference Calling Service: Toll Free Conference Access

Author: Lee Simonson


800 conference calls give you and your conference guests toll free access to teleconferences in the United States and Canada.  You can also get toll free service for conference participants in other countries as well.  Conference service can be provided on a pay as you go basis or for a fixed montly rate, depending on your conferencing needs and usage.  We can help you pick the right conference plan.
There are a couple of different 800 conference calling plans available.  Here is a very brief review of both:
Flat Rate 800 conference service is modeled after the way cell phone companies bill their customers.  You prepay for a set number of discounted minutes per month (less than 4 cents per minute, per person.)  This is an ideal solution if you have good idea of how many minutes you will need every month and have a consistent need for conferencing.  It's also perfect for moderate to heavy conference users.  For those companies and organizations that are looking for a predictable conference cost for budgeting purposes, this is the way to go.  We call this our "Supersaver Toll Free" plan and it is very popular with accounting and finance departments who like value of knowing what their conferencing expenditures will be every month and into the future.  If you go over your allocated minutes, you are simply billed the standard rate for the additional minutes you use.  You can get more information about the Flat Rate 800 service here:
Pay As You Go 800 conference service is just that -- you only pay for the minutes you use, when you use them.  And you are only charged after you use the service, not before.  There is no set up fee, no monthly minimum and you can stop using the service at any time because there are no long term contracts.  This is the best conferencing service to use if you only need conferencing now and then, with no consistent pattern of usage.  You can get more helpful information about the Pay As You Go 800 conference service here:
Setting up an account can be done in a matter of minutes and their no cost to obtain your toll free conference number and passcodes.  There are no reservations, so you can conference whenever you want, for as long as you want.  Moreover, your passcodes stay the same so you can use them over and over again.  (You can change your passcodes anytime by calling Customer Service.)
Overall, 800 conference service provides your associates and clients with the convenience of dialing a toll free number while at the same time avoiding long distance costs they would otherwise accrue.  It's the professoinal way to offer audio conferencing, particularly with prospects or customers who will enjoy toll free access.  They will appreciate it and so will you!  There's no better, faster, or cheaper way to collaborate than by a simple teleconference that connects all the players instantly and conveniently.