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Flat Rate Teleconference

Flat (fixed) rate teleconferencing services available, offering unlimited audio conferencing for corporations, small businesses and non-profits.

Phone Conference Call Services for Every Need and Budget

Author: Lee Simonson

If you are looking for a high quality phone conference call service that will help you save money and improve communications at the same time, we have several plans available:

Pay As You Go Conference Calling is just that -- you only pay for what you use, no more and no less, on a per minute, per use, basis.  We offer both toll free and non-toll free service and are proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry.  Reliable and available on demand, no reservations necessary

Flat / Fixed Rate Conferencing offers you unlimited 24 hour access.  You can talk as along as you want, anytime you want, and you only pay one flat fee per month.  No long term contract and no set up fee.

Toll Free Supersaver is perfect for larger users who have a good idea of how many conference minutes they use every month.  You get a discounted rate and the plan is structured like a typical cell phone where you buy a certain number of minutes every month.  Again, no long term contract and you can adjust it every month as your plans change.

Operator Managed Conference Calls provide the highest level of professionalism.  We can call out to your conference participants and place them into the conference for you.  We can also offer you professional Q&A services and other moderator functions to enable you to focus on your message.

Local Meet Me Conference Call Service is brand new!  This new service offers local number access in over 84 United States cities -- perfect for churches, local organizations and other firms that need a conference bridge for local callers.  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and we'll tell you all about it.  The per-minute rates are also exceptionally low!

International Overseas Conference Calling offers top level convenience for your overseas contacts and associates.  We have toll free numbers in over 90 countries around the world that your participants can use to dial-in to your conference.  We also have many local in-country numbers as well.

Conference Calls for your Non-Lync (Office 365) Guests is the solution you need to connect your internal Lync conference with out-of-network contacts who aren't on Lync.  The perfect way to collaborate with everyone, no matter where they are or what software they are using.

Conference Bridge Hosting: Tips on Getting Started

Author: Lee Simonson


The bottom line on conferencing:  You can hire a conference hosting service for far less than what it would cost you to buy and maintain your own conference bridge equipment and hardware.  Here are some rules of thumb:
1)  If you are small to medium size company or association (less than 500 employees/members), your best bet is to retain the services of a reliable provider (like us) to give you secured access to one of our conference bridges.
2)  If you are a large enterprise and do a lot of conferencing, then yes, you should look into renting or buying your own conference call hardware.  (We can help you with that, too.)  However, when you consider telecommunication line costs, staff time, and maintenance, chances are you'll find outsourcing your conferencing is still less expensive.  It boils down to how you want to use your staff resources.  More often than not, you'll want your staff and associates spending their time on your business, and not trying to manage being in the conference call business.
Getting started to retaining the services of an conference bridge hosting service is easy and only takes a few minutes.  For the sake of example, let's say you wanted to retain our services here at
Here is the process:
-- Decide what kind of conference service you want?  Pay as You Go, or Flat Rate Unlimited?  Toll-free access, or non-toll free access?  Reservationless (you can conference on-demand, anytime) or Operator Managed (we call your participants for you and place them into the conference call.)  You can research all the alternatives, rates and features, by checking out the links at the top of this page.
-- Once you decide, you can call us at 877-254-2424, or you can fill out the online order forms.  There is no set up charge and no long term contracts.  You use your service month-to-month, and we charge your credit card accordingly.
-- When your order is received, we will set you up, usually within 30 minutes.  You will get an email with your conference call-in number, along with a set of two passcodes -- one for the host/moderator and the other for your guests/conferees.  You'll also receive simple instructions and control functions.  You can start using your conference service immediately once you receive your email.  Just have all your guests call the access number and use their passcode when prompted.  Remember, everyone has to use the # sign after inputting their 7-digit passcode.
It's that simple, so don't think that conferencing is complicated or confusing.  Let us know how we can help you enjoy the benefits of phone conferencing and collaboration by using our conference bridge hosting service.

Flat Rate Teleconference Services Offer Real Value

Author: Lee Simonson

The biggest contribution teleconferencing brings to the table is saving time and avoiding travel costs. Chances are you can accomplish the same thing over the phone, as you can in person.

Flat rate teleconferencing is soaring in popularity as businesses and organizations are looking for new ways to cut costs and improve productivity.

As consumers demand more affordable pricing for goods and services, the more companies will offer discounted prices. In the telecommunications industry, conferencing providers are now offering their customers flat rate teleconference services. People choose flat and fixed rate teleconferencing because it offers unlimited usage. In a nutshell, you can now conference with clients and colleagues for as long as you want, 24 hours per day. Another great benefit is that you don't have to worry about changing your assigned passcodes, which can be rather confusing. 
At one time, teleconferencing was a big expense for entrepreneurs and smaller companies because conferencing is traditionally billed on a per minute basis. The more you used, the more you paid. But with flat or fixed rate conferencing you can save between 60-90% and avoid per minutes fees. This new twist enables you to budget your costs every month with an extremely low monthly rate, without having to worry about a long term contract.
Here are a few reasons why many business owners are choosing flat or fixed rate teleconferencing and what you should look for when signing up for a service.
- No per minute conference call costs. Pay one flat rate per month.
- No reservations required.
- You can use it 24/7.
- Make an unlimited amount of conference calls per month.
- You can record your conference for free.
- Automatically prepay monthly with a credit card (no bills).
- Maintain the same PIN codes as long as you desire.
- Options include music on hold, incoming and outgoing beeps, and auto-hang up.
- Choose "name announce" to identify incoming callers available.
- No set up fees or termination fees.
- Advanced fiber optic connections.
Be sure to choose a company that doesn't require you to sign a contract or pay a set up fee. Many providers advertise great rates but the catch is you have to commit to a 1 to 2 year contract and If you decide to discontinue their service, you'll be charged a termination fee.
Another great advantage is that you don't have to order equipment and software or hire someone to install services. You can sign up on the Internet and start conferencing the same day. Most of all, you don't have to be a technology expert to get started, teleconferencing is user friendly. Flat rate and fixed rate conference call services can save you a bundle, especially if you're on a budget.
To get more information on flat and fixed rate teleconferencing, and phone conference call services, click here:

New York City (NYC) Conference Call Services

Author: Lee Simonson

If you are interested in getting a local NYC conference call bridge and number, you can get more details and sign up information here.  
Getting a conference call service that provides a 646 call in number located in New York City satisfies a number of potential issues and certainly provides many advantages.
If you are a business or non-profit located in the Big Apple, this could be an ideal solution to your conferencing needs.
First, if most of your conference participants are calling from the greater New York City area, they can dial a local number to get into the conference call. This avoids any long distance charges they may otherwise incur by using a call in number located in another state. Most of the commercial conference bridges are located elsewhere in the U.S.
Second, a local NYC number provides a tremendous convenience for your participants because it is easier to remember.
Third, you can use the service for an amazingly low rate for 2.9 cents per minute, per person -- far below what you are probably currently paying for conference service.
If you are a New York City (NYC) business or organization that is looking to cut travel and meeting costs, and are open to the idea of having more of your meetings over the phone to save time, this could be your answer.
Not only that, but your conference participants (also known as conferees or guests) have the good fortune of avoiding long distance fees, and in effect, dialing a "toll free" number (because it's local) that saves you from being billed per minute charges. You won't need an 800 conference call service, because you and your NYC area participants are dialing local anyway.
Of course, if you have people outside of the New York City area who are dialing in, they can dial the 646 number as well. Or they can dial any one of the dozens of other local numbers across the U.S. and Canada we offer and use the same passcodes and enter the same conference.
All in all, being located in the Big Apple and having a local 646 dial in number for conferences is convenient, cost effective, and presents a very professional image. It's something you need to take a look at if you are interested in controlling costs and providing an easier way for your associates and colleagues to communicate and collaborate.
For more information on New York City (NYC) conference call services, and for flat rate 646 teleconferencing, you can call us at 877-254-2424 or click here.

Business Conference Calls Save Time and Money

Author: Lee Simonson

With the new emphasis on business cost cutting, large and small businesses are embracing conference calling as the best way to streamline communications, limit travel costs and avoid meetings that can sap precious time.

Business conference calling is by far the most convenient way to collaborate and the fastest way to move projects and proposals forward. And yet, there are still companies that have yet to adopt phone conferencing as part of their culture.
Conferencing is simple and inexpensive. Telecommunication costs have been plummeting for the past 30 years and calls that used to cost 25 to 50 cents per minute can now be made for next to nothing. On the other hand. travel costs and gas prices have gone up dramatically during that same time period. So, when it comes to saving time and money you can either travel across town, or across the country, or just pick up the phone.
Conference services come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to fit any size budget or needs. There is no need these days to purchase or maintain expensive hardware since there are many services available that can provide access to reliable conference bridges for much less. In the vast majority of cases, your cost per minute of usage is much less when you buy the service versus when you buy the equipment, particularly if you have to pay staff to maintain it.
When you open a conferencing account, you get a call-in number and two passcodes. Everyone will call the same call-in number, which can be a toll free or non-toll free number. Then, you will be prompted to put in your assigned passcode. Conference leaders, called hosts or moderators, will punch in their passcode and conference participants, also known as guests or conferees, will punch in their passcodes. The reason there are separate passcodes is because conference leaders have access to several commands that control various aspects of the conference. But that's not to say that only one person can be the conference leader. In fact, any number of people can call in using the leader's passcode. One example where this would be needed is when two or three people will be talking or presenting. When one of the leaders punches a number to begin "conference or lecture mode" -- all the participants will be muted and only those who called in with the leader's code will be heard.
Conference services vary from unlimited flat rate conference services to pay as you go conferencing where you are charged per minute of usage. All in all, you'll find conference calling for business an economical way to avoid meeting and travel costs and to expedite projects that need attention. Best of all, colleagues can call from anywhere -- from behind their desks, from the golf course club house, or from their home swimming pool! No more "I can't make the meeting" excuses!
For more valuable information on business conference call options, click here:

Conference Service: Telephone Conference Call Service Rates and Plans

Author: Lee Simonson


Using a professional telephone conference call service is not only more convenient, but it is far less costly than attempting to install special conferencing hardware and software.
Conference service over the telephone, also known as audio teleconferencing, can be easily obtained with a variety of rates and plans, serving a wide range of business and non-profit needs and budgets.
When you outsource your conference service, you avoid any set-up, maintenace and overhead costs and, in addition, you are able to begin conferencing immedately.  95% of all conferencing is outsourced in the United States because the service is convenient and inexpensive.
There are several conference service plans to choose from.  Here is a quick review and rundown of the most popular conference services.  For more details you can click on the links below, or you can find the various services on the left hand sidebar or top of the page navigation links.
Pay Per Use Conference Service:  This is also known as "pay as you go" conferencing, and provides you 24/7 access.  There is no need to make reservations.  Once you get your call-in number and passcodes, you can use it anytime.  Your credit card is charged only after you use the service.  There is no monthly minimum, so if you don't use it, there is no charge.  A perfect conference solution for occasional users.
Per Minute Conference Service:  90% of the conferencing in the United States is done on a per-minute basis.  Minutes are calculated by the number of callers times the number of minutes (i.e. 10 callers on the conference for 10 minutes = 100 minutes.)  You are charged after the call and are only billed for the time you use, no more or less.  You have your choice of a toll free dial number, or a regular long distance number (slightly cheaper.)  
Supersaver 800 Conference Service: (pre-paid bundled):  This discounted service, with a toll free dial in number, provides discounted rates and is modeled after your cell phone plan.  You pre-pay for a certain number of minutes each month.  This is a very popular service for businesses and organizations that have predictable usage and know how many conference minutes they generally use every month.  There is no long term contract, and this service goes month to month.  So, if you wanted to purchase a large number of discounted minutes one month, and not the next, that can be easily arranged.
Operator Conference Call Service:  Full service conference, including professional operators who call out to each of your parties and place them in the conference.  You can also have an operator on the conference itself to manage Question & Answer sessions or coordinate the muting and lecture modes.  This is the preferred choice for legal and deposition conference calls, or investor relation calls or high-profile or important calls where you are looking to provide top level service.  An ideal solution for landing that big contract.
Flat/Fixed Rate Conference Service (pre-paid unlimited use):  Fixed Rate conferencing is ideal for heavy users because you get unlimited usage.  You can conference anytime you want, for as long as you want.  Everyone dials a long distance access number (we have a New York City 212 access number and others in the Mid-West) to get into the conference call.

legal and deposition conference calls:  As technology advances, costs for video conferencing have come down substantially.  In fact, the expensive conference rooms with large video screens and television cameras are a thing of the past.  The operative words are "desktop conferencing" where you and your participants use small webcams (cost about $25-50) and can view each other in high quality transmissions.  There are some free services like Yahoo and Skype that offer video conferencing for one-on-one exchanges.  However, for larger calls you'll need an outsourced video conference service.  This also gives you features that will share powerpoint presentations, slide shows, documents, and participants can also see your desktop, so they can follow again and see whatever is on your computer screen.


Low Cost Conference Calls: Toll-Free, Local Access, Flat Rate Conferencing

Author: Lee Simonson


Low cost conference calling is available in a variety of formats ranging from unlimited calling on our flat rate service, to full service operator assisted calls.  It is important to choose the right conference calling plan to meet your particular needs.  Here is a quick summary of the different plans, all of which are popular for the niches they serve:
Flat Rate/Fixed Rate Conferencing offers you unlimited usage for one low fee per month.  You can use the conference bridge as much as you want, anytime you want, and only pay one fixed rate.  This is ideal for heavy users, who can get their conferencing costs down to next to nothing on a per minute basis.  The only downside is that conference participants dial a long distance number to access the bridge.  If you have free long distance (on your cell phone as an example) this would be a perfect solution.
Local Access Conferencing provides an extremely low rate per minute, based on a pay-as-you-go format.  If you are in one of our 84 cities across the United States and Canada that are covered by one of our acccess numbers, you can just call a local number and get into your conference without the added expense of dialing a toll free or long distance number.  This is the preferred conference solution for companies or organizations that have a lot of conference calls within a certain geographic area, or who have customers or colleagues in other large cities.
Toll Free Pay-As-You-Go Conferencing is just that -- you and your participants dial a toll free number to access your conference bridge and you are billed on the number of callers and minutes you use.  The beauty of this plan is that you are only billed for what you use, when you use it, so if there is an extended period of time you are not conferencing, don't worry.  Better yet, there are no set up fees, and no monthly minimums.  And it is reservationless which means that it is available to you 24/7 anytime you need to host a conference.
Operator Conference Calls are the choice for high level conferences that need professional assistance.  For your important high profile conference calls, our operators can call each of your participants and place them into the conference at the appointed time.  Your participants don't have to do anything except answer the phone.  Our trained operators can also introduce each person as they enter the conference, and also record the conference as well.
There are other conferencing plans too -- legal deposition conferencing and web video conferencing are two examples.  Give us a call today and let us help you pick the low cost conferencing plan that's right for you and your organization.  We can even create hybrid plans that are custom made for your particular needs.

How Do I Set Up and Organize a Conference Call?

Author: Lee Simonson

Setting up a conference call is easy.  If you are a business or non-profit, chances are you won't want to use your 3-way calling capabilities for important phone calls because there may be too many people "daisy-chaining" into the call which will degrade the quality of the conference.

To have a quality conference call, and to make it as easy as possible for all your participants, you'll want to access a professional conference call bridge.  Using a professional conference call bridge is fast and convenient, and don't worry, you won't have to buy any expensive equipment to do it.
We can set up a conference call account for you in minutes and get your own passcodes to enter.  So, everyone just dials the conference call-in number and enters their passcodes and that's it!  You are having a conference call.  You'll get two passcodes -- one for the leader or host and another for the guests or participants.
When you order your conference service, you'll have plenty to choose from.  For example:
1) You can choose a toll free service that enables everyone to dial a toll free number to access the conference bridge.
2) You can opt to have a non-toll free service, either on a pay-as-you-go basis or unlimited flat rate.
3) You can get a local access number conference service that provides you a local number (84 cities) to call into.
4) For your top level and important calls, you can have "operator managed conference call."  Our operators will call each of your participants and place them into the conference.  Your guests don't have to do anything, except answer the phone.
When using a conference call service like ours, your primary responsibility is to let each of your parties know when the conference call is scheduled.  Frankly, getting people to remember when to call in will be your greatest challenge since most people are forgetful.  It's best to send your participants a few email reminders so they can have their phone or computer alarm go off just prior to your conference call.  That way, you will increase your chances of having folks remember to dial in.

Quality Phone Conferencing Still a Business Staple

Author: Lee Simonson

Communication is important when it comes to the success of a business.  In many cases it is important to communicate with every member of a business.  Often, it's simply be impossible to do that in person.  Fortunately phone conference calling is available as an easy way for companies, businesses, and other groups to communicate among a large group of people.

For most conference calls there is a single person or moderator which is directing the conference call and everyone else simply connects to the phone conference call by calling the number provided.  As each participant joins the phone conference call, the leader or host will often receive confirmation from each joining member to show that they are in fact present.

The actual uses of phone conference calls are basically unlimited.  Conferencing applications and technology are intended for businesses to enable collaboration within and throughout their organizations, regardless of the physical location of employees.  Moreover, the importance of conferencing has skyrocketed with the advent of the Internet that has created new sales channels which has produced new prospects and customers around the globe.  And conferencing has become a staple within the C-level suites because it is a convenient and fast way to distribute information, particularly quarterly financial reports and press statements to analysts and journalists.

Depending on how the phone conference call is setup, feedback from participants is optional.  Often smaller conference calls will allow participants to respond to the presenter or ask question,s though larger conference calls can make that feature difficult to implement.  When the size of a phone conference call is large enough, feedback and responses would necessitate the use of professional operators who can manage the call and organize the Q & A sessions.  For business critical calls, getting a full service operator to help is not only advised but a preferred way to insure that the call goes smoothly.

Recently conference calling has also begun to expand into other technologies as well. Thanks to the Internet VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) conference calling has become quite popular. This type of Internet conference calling is still standard phone conference calling because it allows users to continue using their phone while giving the host much more control over how everything is run.  At present, there are still issues conference hardware manufacturers face in trying to find compatibility with regular analog and newer digital inputs into the same conference, but technology is improving with VoIP-friendly conference bridges and experts predict that many of those compatibility issues will be solved soon.

Overall, phone conference calling is still a very large part of many corporate environments. Conferencing is a very effective way to convey information to a large group of people. The basic idea of a phone conference call has remained relatively the same for the past couple of decades, while prices and rates have been drastically cut because of competition and increased telecommunication network capacities.  If you or your company is looking for a simply yet effective way to communicate with groups of employees, associates, or prospects from all around the world, then a conference call is the way to do it -- very few other methods work nearly as well and none of them are as tried and tested as the traditional conference call.  

Written by:  SMS survey

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Author: Lee Simonson

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