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Small Business Conference Call Services

Small business conference call services including toll free, flat rate and local access plans, designed to bring high quality, professionalism, and affordable conferencing to the small business sector.

Meet Me Phone Conference Calls for Business and Non-Profits

Author: Lee Simonson

When it comes to arranging and having a phone conference call, using a meet-me service is the most popular way to go.  Tens of thousands of businesses, large and small, along with thousands of non-profit groups, use meet-me conferencing every day to collaborate on important projects, advance sales goals and keep everyone on the same page when it comes to important topics and issues.
Meet-me conferencing comes in several formats and you can choose the one that best accommodates your needs and budget.  The following are listed in order of their popularity and use:
1)  Pay-as-you-go Meet-me (Pay per use, pay per minute conferencing):  This is also known as pay-per-minute, or pay-per-use meet-me.  This comes in several flavors -- toll free, non-toll free, and local access. (See the links at the top of this page.)  Toll free is the top of the line service, providing your guests the convenience of dialing a toll free number from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.  Non-toll free service (dialing a regular long distance number) costs less and is an excellent choice for those who are budget conscious.  Local access provides numbers in over 50 cities in North America that enable users to dial a nearby number.  No matter where they call from, everyone is automatically tied into the same conference bridge.  So, you could have someone dial a NYC number, an Atlanta number, a San Francisco number and a Miami number -- and everyone would be connected!  A great system.
2)  Unlimited flat/fixed rate Meet-me:  For a low monthly rate, you can enjoy unlimited 24/7 conferencing services.  Everyone dials the access number (in most cases, it would be a long-distance number) and then keys in their passcode.  That's it!  You can conference as much as you want, as long as you want for as little as $9 per month for 5 incoming lines.  Flat rate meet-me is the ideal solution for heavy conference users, particularly for internal organizational conferences.
3)  Local access (dialing a local number) Meet-me:  We have local conference call-in numbers in over 50 cities across the U.S. and Canada.  All of the numbers are connected to a common conference bridge.  So, your colleagues in Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and Houston, can all call a local number and be placed in the same conference.  Pretty amazing!  Better yet, the service rates are remarkably low, at only 2.9 cents per minute, per person.
4)  Operator managed Meet-me:  Have an important call?  Then have our professional operators do the work for you.  They will call out to each of your participants and place them into the conference.  Your guests only have to answer the phone.  You can also get additional services, including Question and Answer moderation, collection of data from each party, and monitoring.
Meet-me phone conferencing services have come a long way in the past few years.  Rates are much lower and the services have been expanded with many more options.  If you are looking to add meet-me to your business arsenal, give us a call at the above number and we can set you up in no time.  There is no set-up fee and you'll enjoy outstanding customer service.  Contact us today!

Conference Bridge Hosting: Tips on Getting Started

Author: Lee Simonson


The bottom line on conferencing:  You can hire a conference hosting service for far less than what it would cost you to buy and maintain your own conference bridge equipment and hardware.  Here are some rules of thumb:
1)  If you are small to medium size company or association (less than 500 employees/members), your best bet is to retain the services of a reliable provider (like us) to give you secured access to one of our conference bridges.
2)  If you are a large enterprise and do a lot of conferencing, then yes, you should look into renting or buying your own conference call hardware.  (We can help you with that, too.)  However, when you consider telecommunication line costs, staff time, and maintenance, chances are you'll find outsourcing your conferencing is still less expensive.  It boils down to how you want to use your staff resources.  More often than not, you'll want your staff and associates spending their time on your business, and not trying to manage being in the conference call business.
Getting started to retaining the services of an conference bridge hosting service is easy and only takes a few minutes.  For the sake of example, let's say you wanted to retain our services here at
Here is the process:
-- Decide what kind of conference service you want?  Pay as You Go, or Flat Rate Unlimited?  Toll-free access, or non-toll free access?  Reservationless (you can conference on-demand, anytime) or Operator Managed (we call your participants for you and place them into the conference call.)  You can research all the alternatives, rates and features, by checking out the links at the top of this page.
-- Once you decide, you can call us at 877-254-2424, or you can fill out the online order forms.  There is no set up charge and no long term contracts.  You use your service month-to-month, and we charge your credit card accordingly.
-- When your order is received, we will set you up, usually within 30 minutes.  You will get an email with your conference call-in number, along with a set of two passcodes -- one for the host/moderator and the other for your guests/conferees.  You'll also receive simple instructions and control functions.  You can start using your conference service immediately once you receive your email.  Just have all your guests call the access number and use their passcode when prompted.  Remember, everyone has to use the # sign after inputting their 7-digit passcode.
It's that simple, so don't think that conferencing is complicated or confusing.  Let us know how we can help you enjoy the benefits of phone conferencing and collaboration by using our conference bridge hosting service.

Small Business Conference Calling

Author: Lee Simonson

Small business conference calls are growing in popularity because they enable small business owners and operators to save a tremendous amount of time while communicating less expensively with more contacts. With telecommunication costs going down, and travel and meeting costs going up, it is only logical to see small enterprises converting to teleconferencing.

Small businesses have a number of conference calling options available to them. The vast majority of companies with less than 500 employees outsource for conferencing services and do not maintain or staff conferencing centers. The vast array of conferencing services, combined with very competitive pricing, makes the idea of purchasing conferencing hardware or software impractical.
Outsourcing your conference calling services is quick and easy. Establishing an account is usually free, and once you are set up you will receive via email a call-in number and a set of passcodes -- one passcode for the moderator or leader of the conference (there can be more than one leader) and one passcode for the participants or conferees. At the designated time, everyone calls the same phone number, punches in their passcodes and your conference begins. You can also obtain web conferencing or video conferencing services which will enable you to show PowerPoint presentations or live video streams during your audio conference. Conferencing can be simple or sophisticated, depending upon your particular application or needs.
One of the most popular services is called flat rate teleconferencing which provides for unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee. You can access your conference bridge anytime 24/7 and talk as long as you want. There are no reservations needed and no per minute charges. Small businesses find flat rate teleconferencing convenient and much less costly than traditional conferencing.
Another option for occasional conference call users is the pay-as-you-go service which bills you on a per minute basis. You pay for what you use, no more or less. You can also get a toll free access number with this service which is portrays a professional image, especially for prospects or customers. There is another toll free service that is similar to a cell phone plan, where you can purchase a set number of minutes per month for a discounted price, and pay extra for any minutes that go over your plan.
The most professional and exclusive conference call service is operator assisted teleconferencing. This is when professional operators manage and organize your call. They can even call out to participants and place them in the call for you, providing the ultimate convenience. These calls are used when talking to investors or high profile sales calls. 
All in all, small business teleconferencing will continue to grow in importance and popularity as managers look for more ways to cut costs, improve productivity, and enhance connectivity between internal and external company contacts.

Audio Conference Services from

Author: Lee Simonson

Audio conferencing services are becoming a valuable tool in the business and non-profit world because they bring convenience and cost savings to users. Audio conferences are also known as voice or phone conferences. They differ from web or video conferences because they transmit only sound.

While audio conference calls can take on many forms, including web-based VOIP (voice of Internet protocol), the vast majority of audio conferences take place over the phone, either with regular analog or cell phones. In fact, many of the conference bridges in use today are having a difficult time accepting incoming calls from VOIP connections because of the different technology used to transmit voice signals.
There are several options available to organizations interested in using audio conferencing to save time and money. The first option, of course, is to go and buy your own conference bridge. Unless you are a very large company, this option doesn't have too many advantages. Second, you can buy the service and leave the maintenance headaches to someone else. This is by far, the most popular alternative.
Audio conference service providers have a variety of programs available for almost any application or budget. Everything from unlimited flat rate service to the more professional operator assisted calls are services that are offered. 
There are pros and cons for each service and you'll have to decide which service works best for you. For example, unlimited flat rate service is extremely cost effective since there are no limits on usage and you can talk as long as you want, anytime you want. However, it is not toll free and participants have to dial a long distance number to access the conference bridge. While that used to be an issue several years ago, nowadays, most organizations have free long distance (or nearly free) and the long distance call is not an issue. While you have unlimited usage with flat or fixed rate conferencing, the downside is that you pay for it during the months you may not use it at all.
On the other hand, occasional conference users may prefer the pay-as-you-go conference plans that bill you for minutes used, no more or less. For toll free convenience, you will pay a bit more than you would for non-toll free pay-as-you-go service.
Top of the line service is the operator conference call, where professional conference operators either call out to the participants or greet conferees on the phone and place them manually into an audio conference call, introducing each caller to those participants who are already in the conference.
There are other forms of audio conferencing as well, including events where there may be several hundred people on the call at once. During those calls, the moderators or leaders of the calls can mute all the participants so only the leaders can be heard. That is called "lecture mode" and is the only feasible way to conduct a conference call of that size because of the noise generated by so many callers.
Audio conference plans and services are growing in importance as companies realize how much time and money they can save by avoiding meeting and travel costs. Managers are finding the best alternative in moving a project forward is to just sit at their desk, get on the phone and talk to all the players at the same time.
For more information about the various audio conference services, click here:

Non-Toll Free Conference Call Service (Using a Regular Toll Number)

Author: Lee Simonson


Non-toll free conference access numbers are just regular 10 digit phone numbers that include the area code. It is considered a long distance call. On the other hand, toll free numbers begin with 800, 866, or 877. A new 855 numbering system will be released shortly. So, if you are dialing into a conference call and it is a long distance number, that is considered a toll call.

Non-toll free conference calling services are, by far, the most popular in the United States. Estimates on usage indicate that they are used ten times more than 800 conference calling.

There are a number of reasons why there is such a wide disparity of usage between 800 and regular toll conferencing, but the difference centers primarily on pricing. Simply, having conference call users dial a non-toll, or long distance, access number is much less expensive than providing a toll free number.
In fact, there are plans where you can get unlimited conference usage for a monthly fixed or flat rate, regardless of how many minutes you use. The upside is that if you are a heavy user, you can save a small fortune using the flat rate conferencing service. The downside is that if you don't use the service, you are still required to pay the monthly rate.
You can also get conference services that are calculated on a per minute rate, providing either an 800 or non-toll free access number. You pay per minute on a pay-as-you-go plan -- you only pay for what you use, when you use it.
It should be noted that another reason why non-toll free conference calls are so popular is because most callers don't have to worry about the cost of a long distance call since most of the phone users in the United States get free long distance, either automatically on their cell phone or bundled with their local telephone service for their landlines. Why spend extra on an 800 number, when it's free to call long distance anyway?
Most business leaders would it agree that if the purpose of the conference call is for customer service, or sales calls to prospects, it is very important to offer the convenience of a toll free number. However, if an organization is looking to cut costs and needs conferencing for internal use among employees and associates, then a non-toll free conference number is preferable.
The use of a regular long distance conference access numbers will continue to overshadow the market into the foreseeable future. In fact, the use might increase as more and more people and organizations get free long distance and long distance rates continue to decline. It is a very effective and viable way for you to enjoy all the benefits of collaborative conferencing, while at the same time minimizing travel, meeting and telecommunication costs.
You can get more valuable information about non-toll free conferencing calling here: Offers Inexpensive Conference Call Service to Help Budgets and Planning

Author: Lee Simonson offers several different conference call plans, all designed to fit your budget and conference needs.
So if you are looking for an inexpensive conference call service that offers high-quality, reliability, and affordability, we can help you.  Better yet, you can start your account at no cost and be up and running within minutes.
Here are few brief tips to consider before you sign up for your service:
1)  If you are going to be doing a lot of conferencing, and you and your guests don't mind dialing a long distance number, then our unlimited flat rate plan can save you a fortune.  Check it out at the top of this page.  Many of our customers who have switched from other providers to our flat rate service have reported they have been able to cut their costs up to 80%.  Very impressive!  This is the perfect set-up if you are looking to have predictable costs every month that you can budget for in advance.
2)  Getting a toll free number for your guests to call can be both convenient and necessary, particularly if you are hosting an important business or sales call.  If providing a toll free number (good in the U.S. and Canada) is something you prefer, then you can have a choice of two inexpensive plans.  First, if you are an occasional user and don't plan on conferencing that much, you can save by getting the Pay-as-You-Go plan -- you only pay for what you use when you use it, and there are no monthly minimums or hidden costs.  Second, our Supersaver plan, offers you substantial discounts for pre-paying for toll free service.  It works exactly like the cell phone plan you are using now -- you pay for a certain number of monthly minutes.  If you have a good idea of how many conference minutes you use every month, this is an excellent option that can cut your costs almost in half.  See the "Toll Free" conference plan at the top of this page.
3)  If you have a high-profile, legal or investor call, you'll save with our Operator service.  Just have our professionally trained operators call everyone on your list and place them into your conference call.  The only thing your guests have to do is answer the phone.  This is the top-of-the-line conference service that can be obtained surprisingly inexpensively.
Still have questions?  Give us a call at 877-254-2424 and let us lay out your conference call options.  This will give you a great opportunity to choose the plan that best meets your requirements and budget.

Professional Phone Conference Company / Service

Author: Lee Simonson


Businesses and organizations that are looking for the highest level of phone conferencing available, will inevitably find that those conferencing services that utilize professionally trained and experienced operators are the preferred vendors of choice.
Professional conference call services, like our own, are readily available and accounts can be set up at no cost in minutes.  Once you have an account established, you can then take advantage of several different conferencing plans and formats that best meet your budget and needs, including the popular "operator managed dial-out" service that is considered the top-of-the-line conferencing platform.
Because of the demand for high-end audio, video and web conferencing services, rates are very competitive and well worth the cost to enjoy quality and system reliability.  Most conference call companies that specialize in providing hands-on services do a pretty good job of maintaining their networks, equipment and training practices of the operators.
Many of conference users switch from free conferencing services to paid professional conferencing services every year, looking for less line distortion and interference, larger capacity and superior customer service.  As one consumer said, "Sometimes free isn't worth it."
Another advantage of using a professional phone conference service is that you have a choice of a pay-as-you-go plan or a flat/fixed rate plan that provides unlimited usage.  You can also get toll free numbers in other countries so your associates around the globe don't have to dial long distance to participate in your U.S. based conferences.  There are a number of different options and alternatives.
Best of all, using a professional service enables you to tap into an enthusiastic customer service force that is ready to assist you every step of the way.  You might think that customer service is a thing of the past, but we stand proud knowing our American customer service reps are highly trained and responsive to take care of your conferencing needs.  Give us a call today and let us personally show you what "professionalism" means!  We're at 877-254-2424.

Paid Teleconference Company/Service

Author: Lee Simonson


Those seeking to have a conference call have a number of options, including using free or paid teleconferencing services.  Because the days of free conferencing are numbered, and because many businesses and organizations looking for conferencing services seek high quality and professional service, paid teleconferencing is becoming a more popular alternative.
Teleconferencing rates have come down considerably over the years, so even if companies decide to pay, conferencing is still inexpensive compared to what costs were just a few years ago.
For example, there are a number of pay-as-you-go plans that businesses, large or small, can take advantage of -- including, both toll free and non-toll free options.  There is no such thing as a free conferencing service that offers a toll free dial-in number.  So, if you want your conference participants to dial a toll free number (800, 855, 866, or 877 number) to enter the conference, you'll pay pennies a minute for the service.  Rates can vary from 2.9 to 7.9 cents per minute, depending on your access and features.
Another option is to get unlimited conferencing combined with a fixed or flat monthly rate.  You can talk as long as you want, whenever you want, with no per minute charges.
Paying professional operators to dial-out to your participants is also another option and provides tremendous convenience.  Unlike pay-as-you-go and flat rate, operator conference calls require reservations at least 24 hours in advance.  You provide the names and phone numbers of your guests and let us do the rest.
Overall, the popularity of paid teleconferencing services remains high in the business, non-profit and commercial sectors.  Regardless of your budget and needs, we can design a plan for you that will give you the best audio conferencing service at the lowest cost.  Call us today or check out the various services at the top of the page.

Small Business Conference Call Services: Saving Time and Money

Author: Lee Simonson


Conference calling for small businesses is rapidly growing in popularity for several reasons, not the least of which is the growing mobility of small business owners and managers.  With everyone within reach of a cell or smartphone, conferencing calling enables small business colleagues, associates and collaborators to meet wherever they are to discuss the latest business.
Small business operators have several choices of audio conferencing services that are both convenient and cost effective.  Business owners and managers should choose a conferencing service based on three factors:  Reliability, Customer Service and Affordable Rates.
Here are the top three (based on the number of users) programs small businesses use to conduct their conference calling:
Unlimited Flat Rate Conference service:  This provides untimed service, so you can use it whenever and as long as you want, paying just a monthly fixed rate. Obviously, flat rate service has tremendous advantages regarding cost savings and that's why it is so popular.  However, the downside is that it is NOT toll free, and conference participants must dial a long distance number to access the conference service.  For many, that isn't an issue, since they get free long distance on their cell phones or bundled with their local service.
Discounted Toll Free (pre-paid) Conference service:  This toll free service is modeled after cell phone plans that offer a certain number of minutes per month.  This is ideal for those who have a good idea of how many conference minutes they use every month because they can pre-pay for those minutes at a substantial discount.  But be careful, if you don't use the minutes, you still have to pay for them.  If you go over your allotment, you just pay the regular pay-as-you-so rate.
Pay As You Go Conference service:  This conference service bills you for what you use when you use it -- no more or less.  It's perfect for small businesses that have sporadic and unpredictable conferencing needs and don't to commit to a certain number of minutes every month.  The rates are extremely affordable and can save small business owners a substantial sum over what they would normally pay the brand name providers.
All in all, the vitality of small businesses is said to be a leading indicator of our general economy.  Most of the new jobs in the future will be created by the entrepreneurial visions that fuel small business and the naton, and world, look to small businesses to lead the recovery.  Because small business is more flexible and nimble in the marketplace, and owners can make decisions with being fettered by bureaucratic committees, the idea of adding conference calling to the small business culture is, as they say, a "slam dunk."  It's probably the easiest and most effective way to improve productivity immediately by cutting down on physical face-to-face meetings which can drain the life blood out of small organizations efforts to boost the bottom line.
Conference calls for retail, manufacturing, non-profit, or professional offices such as engineering, legal, consultancies, or medical offices, have proven to be the gold standard when it comes to moving projects forward.  If you aren't conferencing, you're not communicating, and if you aren't communicating, your small business is at a standstill.  Call us today at 877-254-2424 and let us know how we can help.