Flat (Fixed) Rate Conference Call

pay as you go conference call worker
One low rate per month for unlimited conferencing use. As low as $9 per month to conference as much as you want.


  • Unlimited conferencing for one flat rate a month.
  • Use it day or night, whenever you want.
  • No limits. Conference as long as you want.
  • No invoices. We’ll charge your credit card automatically.
  • Quit anytime. No contract or cancellation fees.
  • Start for free. No activation fees.

Why Businesses and Non-Profits Are Switching to Flat-Fixed Rate Conferencing:

Immediate and Impressive Savings

Flat-Fixed rate conferencing has changed everything! Not only will you begin saving 50-80% over what you’re paying now with regular per-minute conferencing, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of unlimited use. You’ll experience immediate savings and know you can use the service as much and as often as you want.

Perfect for Heavy Conference Use

This is an ideal conference solution for businesses and organizations that rely heavily on conferencing services. Since you’re no longer timed, and only pay one flat rate per month, you can confidently budget your conferencing services down to the penny while using the service an unlimited number of times.

No Sticky Contract Terms

Why get stuck in some long-term contract that only benefits your service provider? We do business differently. With our program, you aren’t forced to do anything. If you think you can get a better deal elsewhere, or no longer need the service, you are free to quit at anytime. We give you the freedom to decide.

On-Demand Readiness

The conference bridge is open to you all the time, day or night. You don’t have to tell us when you want to use the service. Just pick up the phone, dial-in to your conference bridge, enter your passcode, and you and your guests are off and running in seconds.

The Passcodes are Yours to Keep

Once you sign up (you can Sign Up here) we’ll provide you passcodes for you and your guests. (You’ll get a passcode as the host, and you provide the guest passcode to your participants.) You can use your passcodes over and over again. If you ever want to change them, just give Customer Service a call and we’ll get you new passcodes immediately.

Monitor your Conference for Free

Now you can go online and actually see your guests entering and leaving your conference call. Moreover, you’ll have access to several handy controls that will help you manage your call (i.e. muting a specific caller who may be contaminating the call with unwanted background noise.)

High Quality Conference Calls and Award-Winning Customer Service

Our conference bridges use the most modern technology to provide you the highest quality conference service available with the support of our professional customer service staff that is ready to assist you whenever you call.

Flat Rates For Unlimited Conferencing Usage

Number of Conference Lines
(number of people calling in)
Flat Rate Monthly Special *
5 $9
10 $19
15 $29
20 $39
30 $49
50 $59
75 $99
100 $119

* Discounted rates just posted. These rates will stay in effect for as long as you use the service.

You and your guests will dial a regular non-toll free number to enter your conference bridge. If you are looking for a toll-free number to access your conference, click here.

If you need more capacity, just call us at 877-254-2424.

How You Are Charged

Your charges are based on a calendar month and we will charge your credit card on the 25th of every month for services we will provide you the next month. If you want to cancel the service, just let us know by the 24th of the month so you won’t pay for the following month. If you begin your service during the first half of the month, we will charge you for the full current month. If you begin your service after the 16th of this month, we will charge you for half the month.