Legal Conference Call

pay as you go conference call worker
Separate billing to each law firm makes this the perfect solution for time savings and convenience. Perfect for depositions and class action cases.  


Our professional operators can staff your next legal conference call by dialing out to each of your parties and introducing them into your conference.

  • We can provide you separate billing for each of your parties, offering you the ultimate convenience when it comes to sorting case expenses.
  • You can obtain separate codes to differentiate your cases.
  • You’ll receive complete reports for each of your call.
  • You have two options: You can have everyone call-in on their own, or have our trained operators call-out to each of your parties.
  • No start-up charges or fees and you are not committed to any long term contracts.
  • No monthly minimums and you are only billed for what you use, when you use it.
  • Invite your stenographers or court reporters on the conference call, or we can record the call and send you a digital file.
  • Highly secured, assuring you of complete confidentiality and privacy.

The Preferred Conferencing Solution for Attorneys and Law Firms

Perfect for Deposition Conference Calls

Sometimes it’s not easy getting everyone together at one place at one time, especially if your parties are scattered over several counties or states. Having a conference call is really your only alternative. You have two options. First, we can provide you a toll-free conference line that you can use anytime to have all the parties call-in on. Or second, we can have our operators dial-out to all your parties and place them into the conference call at a scheduled time. That is the most popular format in the legal world and most law firms prefer the “operator managed” call.

Ideal for Legal Conferencing with Judges

Many times both sides need to confer with the judge. Having our operators call all the parties (the judge is usually called last) makes it extremely convenient for all involved. Better yet, the judge just has to pick up the phone and his/her staff doesn’t have to remember to dial-in to a conference call.

Specially Trained Operators Staff and Manage Your Conference

If you choose to have our conference operators manage your call, you’ll be assured that your most critical and important calls are handled properly, efficiently and courteously. Their experience and our superior hardware and technology will provide you a professionally executed experience that will enable you and your parties to concentrate their time and attention to more important issues at hand.

Separate Billing to Each Law Firm

Stop tearing your hair out trying to reconcile your conference call invoice with other law firms. Now, instead of manually separating expenses and waiting of other firms to reimburse you, we can do all of that for you. Very simply, we keep track of each law firm’s time, and then send a separate bill to each firm. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient, and everyone is responsible for just paying their own bills!

Legal Deposition or Multi-Party Conference Calls (Full service rate: 19¢ per min./per person)

Let our operators call each of your parties and place them into the conference call. You give us a list of the names and phone numbers of each party, in the order you want us to call them, along with the time you want to schedule your call. We’ll call each party and introduce ourselves — “This is the conference center. Is this Mr. Smith? Are you ready to join the Jones conference call? If so, I can transfer you in right now and introduce you to the others.”

Per your instructions, our operators can be standing by during the call to assist you other ways as well. For example, you may want the call recorded if you don’t have a stenographer or court reporter on the conference call with you.

Let us know what your particular needs are and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. Click the Sign Up Now button on the top of this page to get started.