Pay As You Go Conference Call

pay as you go conference call worker
Get your pay-as-you-go high quality conference bridge with toll-free access, free recordings and online monitoring.


  • Toll-free access number to your conference (works in U.S. and Canada)
  • Free set up and no cancellation fees.
  • No monthly minimums. Just pay for what you use.
  • Cut your conferencing costs with our discounted 4.9 cents per minute, per user.
  • Non-toll free rates as low as 2.9 cents.
  • Use your conference service whenever you want.
  • Cancel your account anytime. There are no cancellation fees.
  • Immediate emailed reports with clickable links to retrieve free recordings.
  • Free online conference call monitoring.
  • Live customer service (yes, we have humans who answer the phone!)

Why Pay As You Go phone conference calling is our most popular per-minute plan:

Dramatic Cost Savings with Award Winning Quality Service

Many of our customers experience an immediate 30-50% cost savings. So if you are budget conscious and looking to cut costs, this is the easiest way to start. Better yet, your conferences will be using the latest state-of-the-art technology and hardware to insure the highest audio quality.

We Charge You After Your Conference Call

No need to pay in advance and there’s no need for extra paperwork. We’ll just charge your credit card on file after you use the service and you get all your receipts and reports online. It’s simple: There are no monthly minimums, so if you don’t use the service, there are no charges.

It’s Free to Sign Up

There is no cost to open an account and get your toll-free call in number and passcodes (you’ll get a host passcode and a guest passcode.) Once those are emailed to you, you can start conferencing immediately.

Monitor and Control Your Conference Online

Now you can log online and see who is joining your conference call (and who’s leaving) with just a click of your mouse.

Canadian Conference Callers Welcomed

Canadians can call toll free too. Incoming Canadian calls will be billed to you at the discounted rate of only 8.9¢ per minute.

Quality + Service + Value = Your Best Conferencing Choice

The conferencing business is very competitive and our mission is to set the bar for quality, service and value and make sure you’re enjoying the highest standards in the business. We work hard to insure our new and current customers are getting the best service on the market today.

Toll Free Conference Call Service

4.9¢ per minute

Non-Toll Free Service only

2.9¢ per minute

Included Services:

Free “Live Conference Viewer” Feature Included

Now, at no additional cost, you can monitor your phone conference call online with Live Conference Viewer (LCV). New technology now enables you to view and manage your call anywhere you have an Internet connection. Here are examples of how you can manage your call with just a click of your mouse:

Mute individual lines:

Sometimes a caller will have extraneous and distracting background noise infiltrating your conference. Now you can remove the interference by muting the offending line.

Manage beeps/chimes:

You can enable and disable incoming and outgoing chimes (beeps) at will.

Switch from lecture mode to conversational mode and back:

Sometimes you’ll want everyone in on the conversation, and other times you’ll want to mute everyone and have them just listen to the hosts. (Hosts will have a separate passcode. You can have more than one host.)

See who’s on the call:

You can see the Caller ID numbers of your participants to monitor who is on the call.