Web and Video Conference Call

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Conference face-to-face with your guests anywhere in the world. Our online video conferencing service is fast, easy, and affordable.SIGN UP NOW

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy video equipment, when a $25 webcam, or your built-in laptop camera, can accomplish the same thing.

  • No set up costs — it’s free to get an account that you can start using immediately.
  • We have three video conference plans to choose from — a fixed rate plan that gives you unlimited access, a per minute plan that allows you to pay-as-you-go, and a professionally managed plan that is handled by our operators.
  • You and your guests won’t need any special equipment or software. As long as you have Flash installed on your browser, you’re all set.
  • You can share your presentations and even your entire desktop. (Whatever you can see on your screen, they can see on theirs.)
  • An Internet connection is all you and your guests will need to conduct business.
  • You can white label the conference site with your own company’s logo and message (extra fee may apply.)

Dramatically improve and upgrade your online presentations by using the most advanced webinar technology. Make your collaborations easier to access and more productive.

Large and costly conference rooms are no longer needed. Now you can save time, spend less, and accomplish more from the comfort and convenience of your office or home by using an inexpensive webcam.

Our Start-Video program provides you a number of advantages you can see below. Rather than spending thousands on similar features, you can set up your account at no cost and reduce your expenses by 75-95%!

Must-Have Features Included

Start-Video also allows you to share your desktop, and share files that your guests may download to their computers. Additional features include chat, polling, built in recording and VOIP audio. Users may choose to use the built in VOIP feature, but we recommend using our true audio conferencing service with the video platform for the best experience.

Windows and Mac compatible

The Start-Video client software is designed to work on any computer system that can run Adobe Flash Player®, meaning it will run on Microsoft® Windows®, Apple OS X®, various distributions of Linux® and Sun SolarisTM. Start-Video will even run on Windows® PocketPCs for true on the road access. All in all, Start-Video delivers a truly all-in-one desktop and web conferencing solution for all organization-wide online collaborative needs.

Flat Rates For Unlimited Video & Web Conferencing Usage

Number of
Flat Rate
10  $29
25  $39
50  $69
75  $89
100  $99

You have three different plans to choose from:

Plan #1: Flat Rate Unlimited Usage (see rates above), including unlimited audio conferencing on our 206 area code bridge. You can add a toll-free line for only 6.9¢ per min, per person.

Plan #2: Pay as You Go for 15¢ per min, per person. (No monthly flat rate. Just pay for what you use, when you use it.) Includes toll free dial-in for your audio.

Plan #3: Professional operator managed video conference for $100 per hour, plus 6.9¢ per min., per person.

No Set Up Fee

It’s free to get started and you can be up and running with your conference in no time. Just tell your participants to log in and put in the password. That’s it!