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Step 1

Choose the Video-Web Conferencing Plan you want:

Plan #1: Flat Rate, Unlimited Usage for Video-Web Conferencing:

Choose the maximum number of participants in your video-web conference and enjoy unlimited usage. For the audio-voice portion of your conference, you can use your computer microphone and speakers, or at no addition cost, call into our conference bridge (206 area code).

Plan #2: Per Minute, Pay-As-You-Go Video-Web Conferencing, Toll Free Audio Dial-In:

(15 cents per min, per person) You can enjoy video-web conferencing along with a toll free access number for your voice-audio portion (works in the U.S. and Canada.) The advantage of this service is that you only pay for what you use, when you use it. There are no set-up, minimums or monthly charges. Moreover, you can have as many lines as you want. An ideal way to conduct a webinar to present your video and/or slides to your audience.

Plan #3: Professional Operator Managed Video-Web Conferencing:

($100 per hour, plus 6.9 cents per min, per person for toll-free audio) The highest level of service for your video-web conferencing. A professional operator will personally manage your conference, assisting you and your participants with log-ins and controls. According to your wishes, the operator will or will not be on video and visible to your conference participants. The operator can also assist you with your presentation. You send us the slide deck or documents and we'll load them on the system. As the host, you can prompt us by saying "Next slide please." We typically contact you a day in advance to know exactly what you would like us to do. This premiere service enables you to concentrate on your presentation, while we take care of the buttons and technical side of things.

Step 2

Here's the Agreement:

1. I understand that my flat rate account will be pre-paid on a monthly basis and will be charged on my monthly anniversary date. I understand that if I order the pay-as-you-go or professionally managed plan, I will be charged for usage after my web conference.

2. If I wish to cancel my account, I will inform A+ Conferencing in writing by email to (reservations(at)nwpros.com) at least one week prior to my monthly anniversary date. Refunds are not issued if the cancellation is not done prior to the anniversary date.

3. I authorize A+ to charge the following credit card for the conference services I have chosen. I understand that A+ will charge a 4% service fee and services are charged in U.S. dollars.

4. If I default, I understand my account will be put on a hold status until payments are made to restore my account.

5. I am also responsible for all usage of my pin codes, and will keep the codes confidential to prevent any unauthorized usage. If I do suspect any unauthorized usage, I will report it to Customer Service immediately at 888-239-3969

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